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  1. Wandas hair has wierd visual issue which looks off. her hair is poping through eyebrella.
  2. You can easily cheese klaus first phase by stun locking him at his sack. Due to ranged weapon he does not get close enough to cast any of his spells either so essentialy you are free hitting him. During second phase you can use sack to stop his jump as well. He should either not get stun locked with me hitting him or sack should not be permanent object so he can walk or jump through it. klaus cheese.mp4
  3. Ive played this game for sometime and today I got angry with mechanics you guys have created. Oasis is supposed to be safe space for my BASE to COUNTER wildfires and you want to tell me that if I stand outside the oasis things will BURN inside because I am not standing in there? Is this the mechanics that we are supposed to have?? I am literally blow away by this. There is that one huge sandstorm inside even though I am not inside, so how come things burn there when they shouldn't?? Why things dont burn only when im inside of storm? With the new update you are releasing this week, if I am standing inside tree shade things still can catch on fire outside? How should I counter this mechanics? Do you also want to tell me that if I am standing outside tree shade things will burn inside same like with oasis? Literally I feel like if I start playing with wildfires I am NOWHERE safe, only in caves.... These mechanics are ridiculous and dont make any sense... there is no way to counter this. why should I build flingos inside oasis? Why are these mechanics dependant on the location of the player?
  4. As a basebuilder I do not see myself working around this update much. - I would love to be able to create artificial rivers or ponds where I could plant these inside the base not along the coast line - I would love for tree to protect to certain degree from rain as well? - I would love to be able to craft or replant hanging vines. - Give us more decoration for basebuilding please. keep our creativity flowing.