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Redbird Idea for new Biome

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So I’ve always been curious of what exactly Maxwells quote when examining a Redbird even means “They come from the Firelands”

What exactly is the Firelands? I don’t know only Klei can possibly know the answer to that: But obviously it’s called the Firelands.

Redbirds as we all know during Summer get so hot they explode into Morsels... but WHY?? If they come from an area where Fire is Common: Why do they not handle the heat better than other bird types?

So I purpose a rework for Redbirds, instead of exploding into morsel, they instead turn to ashes.

Just hear me out: it can’t possible more morbid then them already catching fire & becoming morsels.

Outside of “The Firelands” a Redbird becomes ashes & Thats that.. 

But when this Bird becomes Ashes in its dedicated natural “Firelands” Habitat (hopefully a hot molting place where the grounds are cracked with lava lines) The Redbird is resurrected from the Ashes as a Phoenix.

(Phoenix rising from the Ashes) 

Phoenix would be a new type of bird, with new traits, maybe it needs to be feed Fire Nettles, maybe it can be used as a light source similar to how players can place glowbulb plant into end table? 

A living flaming bird made of fire that started out as a Regular Redbird- Then Maxwells Quote when examining these things would finally make sense.

Thats it, that’s my suggestion: if You ever decide to make an actual “Firelands” let Redbirds transcend into flaming Phoenix’s.

Thanks for Reading.

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1 hour ago, Hornete said:

did you read the rest of the suggestion or.

yes i have. we don't need a new bird type either.

shoe-horning random loose ends only to justify a single character quote is poor design to say the least.

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3 hours ago, Well-met said:

yes i have. we don't need a new bird type either.

We don't need a lot of things. Suggesting things for the sake of suggestion doesn't hurt anything.


Even if this has nothing to do with "lore" of a random character quote, I still like to see random ideas thrown around. I think this could be interesting, a dangerous biome perhaps on an island called The Firelands could add more purpose to exploring the ocean (Which is always a plus, to give it more actual things to see, and purpose)

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