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What is the purpose of HEPs?

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I mean - beside the green research?

After all techs are unlocked, what can I use HEPs for?

I feel that there should be more interaction with them... Research can be quickly completed and later the new game mechanics become obsolete and useless...

Sure, I know it's EA, more things are on the way, this is not whining and complaining, I'm just curious what can I do with it...

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The HEPs are supposed to be used to power a new tier fo buildings. Based on the game database itself there is a few buildings using them. One being the interplanetary launcher. Another might be a new cooking station that produced something a`la popcorn out of lettuce. I`m sure you will be able to sink your HEPs into those.

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2 hours ago, sakura_sk said:

Purpose: eliminating defenseless animals


23 minutes ago, RageLeague said:

You can use HYEP! to execute dupes with one shot or animals with multiple shots. Maybe using it as an easy automatic creature slaughter or something.

I'm pretty sure I can do the same with water and doors only. Same effect, but easier and with smaller risk.

btw, not sure what laws you introduced that you need to execute your dupes... :(

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Easier to do because you can more easily plant wheezeworts and set up an emitter than building a large water pool and set up all the complex automations.

Also, how do you control the amount of critters killed with water door trap? With HYEP! emitter you can use a critter sensor and tells the emitter to fire until the number of critters in a room drops below a certain threshold.

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4 hours ago, greywizard said:

Traditionally, you steam seafood.

Tried that actually:



They took a lot of time to get cooked though. And they survive up to 100 C for some reason. I need to try rocket exhust. Working on a prototype setup.


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On 2/26/2021 at 4:37 PM, Sasza22 said:

They took a lot of time to get cooked though.

Grumpy pokeshell needs a tempshift plate to make the magic happen faster.

Also maybe providing a layer of liquid to speed things up. Petroleum has a TC of 2 vs steam's 0.184. That last part isn't that friendly with the design in the screenshot, so it's just an idea.

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