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  1. As someone who has played many seeds to over 1k cycles with not much space interaction, thank you. I feel like I want to build a rocket fleet for the first time since starting Spaced Out!
  2. Klei, just make food turn "freeze-dried" in vacuum. Long-term food storage has always been a problem because of the space limitations of the storage. That's why people come up with these exploits. Let us store "freeze-dried" food without spoilage at room temp and give us a building that will fit/function on rockets and in bases to restore it. Maybe knock off a tiny bit of of the food buff to account for "rehydrated food."
  3. This DLC is why I keep coming back to ONI. I feel like I've played 10 different versions during the development cycle and each one has had its fun or frustrating quirks. Thanks for responding to the community on some of the issues. Keep up the great work.
  4. It appears that everything now offers some kind of radiation protection, even air. In addition, as the rads get lower, so does the amount of radiation individual tiles will remove.
  5. Thanks for the rad fix! Watching dupes slowly vomit themselves to death was just plain sad.
  6. Agreed. Even minor sickness leads to uncontrollable vomiting, rad pills do nothing, and the dupe eventually starves to death.
  7. If you check the germ overlay you can see air that has become contaminated. If you have enough wheezeworts or shinebugs gathered to see "barely safe" or slightly hazardous", you are probably polluting the air with "Radioactive contaminants."
  8. Provided I read it correctly, only the moo moonlet backwall art.
  9. Some strangeness going on with the new LOX tanks. To add to the frustration.