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Goodbye... Sweet... Hat...

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Hello friends,

no matter how pleased I am about the great -and highly anticipated- innovations from update 452242, I'm sad as well. Because it doesn't make sense anymore, to continue my current (beloved) playtrough, sigh...

So I decided to share this farewell with you, before Underground Utopia falls into oblivion. I'm pretty sure that at least @babba will enjoy this.

NOTE: Pictures are at a decent size. So feel free to enlarge and take a closer look.


RIP Underground Utopia


*sad violin noises*


Overview Mudola (start map)


As you can see, there isn't much going on here. My main focus was the expansion of the oil planetoid (Nisera) - more on that later.


Power supply


Jumbo batteries and transformers are in vacuum chambers with water on the floor, while wheezworts keep the water via cooling loop chill. Automation turns the auto-sweepers off, once the set temperature is reached. This way no phosphorite is wasted, nor broken pipes could happen.


I like in general the concept of the power spine, i.a. to avoid disgusting wire spaghetti. Signal switch allows to turn the power supply on/off for each level. Not at least, but especially handy for temporary builds.


Core base


8 dupes, each pair works on one shift. The entire food production (Grubfruit Preserve) is in the top right corner (Farming With Divergents). Furthermore, you will find the usual standards:

  • Chlorine chamber to get rid of germs
  • Bulk storage
  • Infinite food storage (in vacuum)
  • Beloved Sweepy takes care of food leftovers
  • Pokeshell takes care of polluted dirt
  • Nature reserve
  • Leaving the core base only in exosuit possible

I hide always pipes, wires and shipping rails (OCD). In addition, as much as possible is done via shipping.


Chlorine chamber


My standard solution for killing germs: germy water is detected via germ sensor (green signal if germs below 1) and is send into the liquid reservoir. This happens so often until all germs are finally done and the germ-free water is allowed to pass through the liquid shutoff into the water sieve.




Idle feels like wasting resources! Once started, dupes stupidly continue running on the hamster wheel, even if there is work with higher priority (again). The absolute most efficient way in the game to waste labor time. Therefore, build gyms always with automation! It works very simply: each dupe has his own hamster wheel and a second one as well. Every 25 seconds the signal form the timer sensor changes from green to red and vice versa. As result, every 25 seconds each running dupe has to change the wheel, which allows it at the same time to realize and prefer errands with higher priority.


Heat Exchange


A neat heat exchanger for the 40 °C desalinated output water. Was expecting broken pipes, TBH, but I never spot water under 3 °C. Desalinator itself is placed in the core base, to avoid unnecessary travelling.




Standard Rodriguez and a proper amount of storage. I use the cold water from the cold slush geyser to keep my oxygen at roughly 25 °C. As long as I can remember I never had problems with a Rodriguez SPOM. At least not as long as I tried to "improve" it: an attempt was made


Teleporter to Nisera


The teleporter to Nisera is the last station on this map. Everything else is either temporary or not worth talking about.


Welcome to Nisera


I've spend the most time of my playthrough on Nisera. Trying to squeeze in as much as possible, to keep at least 2 dupes busy. The bottom of the map is a complete vacuum.


2 dupe core base and battery box


Not the worst domicile you can imagine, isn't it? Pretty much the same design like Mudola core base, but more compact. This time food production is outside the base (delivery via shipping). To get rid of CO² there is a gas element sensor and a mini gas pump at the bottom.


Guest quarter and gym


One guest also had a nice place to stay (perhaps forever). Gym works the same way like the already mentioned one.


Main base


  • Aquatuner keeps the battery box and this part of the base chill.
  • Large water tank = buffer tank for the oilwells. The water cames primarily from Mudola, but also some excess water from Nisera.
  • The Pacu-Box next to the large water tank supply pacu fillet and lime as well. The permanent crew of Nisera was supposed to be feed on Surf'n'Turf.
  • Dasha saltvine farm produce (much more) seeds to feed the pacu in the box. Dashas are also sand-positive, if the obtained salt is processed into table salt and sand. The sand in turn, is processed into glass. The mini chill chamber on the left ensures the chlorine from the geyser isn't too hot.
  • Reed fiber drecko farm and meat for Surf'n'Turf as well. Temperature lock to avoid heat leakage.


Arbor tree farm


More than enough wild arbor trees to satisfy 8 ethanol distilleries, which in turn produce enough ethanol to run 2 petroleum generators continuously. Excess water should support the oil wells. Furthermore, enough polluted dirt to feed 7 pokeshells and 7 sage hatches (for steel ingredients). I had to built a cooling loop, because heat issues (left bottom corner = chill chamber). Natural gas storage for the kitche on the left, two CO² storage tanks (soda fountains, Mudola) on the right. Trivia: one pip has spent his whole life to plant all these trees. RIP.


Ethanol Processing


Aquatuner keeps the entire setup chill. Counterflow heat exchange to chill the polluted water and dirt. To get rid of CO² the affected buildings are exposed to space/vacuum – no recycling. Bead pumps to suck out the CO² are a little bit exaggerated. Excess natural gas gets also burned.


The very basic oil well setup


Can recommend Francis John's setup without hesitations. Well, I can recommend Francis John in general without hesitations. Make sure there is a tile underneath the switch, like shown (otherwise the liquid lock will be broken, if the oil well is vented).


Sulfur geyser tamer


My sulfur geyser tamer. Served me very well over many cycles. The alternate design is because an vaccum tile bug.


Thanks for your attention!

Kind regards

Underground Utopia.sav

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@MooChiChi Ohhhhh, such a lovely base :p Thanks for sharing.

I know how it feels, I had this awesome +3500 cycle rocket base, it also had a large tree farm. Hopefully at some point Klei has worked on the dlc world generation/content and it is "final" ( at least until the next dlc or so ). Maybe it takes till Summer, Autumn or Winter...Lets hope it is not too long.

At least our building experience stays - I`m currently speed playing till radioactive stuff and with the thought in mind that my current save will be trashed by Klei again.

Excavating the initial entire Swamp map and doing all research takes 1-3 hours on fast forward, depending on the level of detail one spends on the map or what one wants to do with industry. Normally I would choose Terra, but IMHO Terra temperatures are screwed since 3 months...So I took Swamp. AETN, 2x -10 geysers and gigatons of ice in the start center. With the geysers its rather easy to start a colony ice factory, very nice :love-struck:

Will spend far too much time on installing rockets and a giant steam room, so hopefully by then the worst has been patched with radioactivity :lol:

Wishing you a nice weekend :angel:

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