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Will grass in desert return?

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So here's the thing, in original Don't strave Reign of Giants, there is a small amount of grass in the desert.  When RoG be added in DST, these grass been removed. because developer add a mechanic keep the grass will not gennerate in desert turf. To prevent grass abounds in the desert when player setting "more" grass.

Nowaday the world gennerate mechanic has be improved. It won't happen any more. (that true, right? as zarklord said)

Can we get these grass back?


here's some early DSTRoG promo, you can see there some grass in the desert.



Also, for the same reason. green mushroom and blue mushroom wouldn't generare in DST marsh. (in original DS it will).

We have a vegetarian character who is encouraged to live in the marsh, and she is the least used character (after wes). I guess bring these mushruooms back will have some positive impact to her?

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10 hours ago, SinancoTheBest said:

wait what does that mean, did the update remove that pseudo-oasis area in Dragonfly Desert? I hope not, I love that little patch of savannah in desert, it's a pretty good place to base too


12 hours ago, Well-met said:

doesn't dragon desert already have a savana area?

It's still there. I'm talking about other things.


This is original DS (i use a mod to show up mushroom)



This is DST,there are no mushrooms in the marsh, no grass in the desert.



but DST game file say it should be.

The reason it doesn't work is a other mechainc. It is stated that these things will not generation on some turf. to ensure that the desert does not fill up with grass when the player adjusts the setting.

now world generation has been improved.  I hope klei bring them back.


Setting world generation options to “More” will no longer generate more of that object in every biome.


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On 2/22/2021 at 10:24 PM, Cassielu said:

she is the least used character

i feel that has changed since rwys came into affect wurt is a lot more viable for newcomers and alike since this farming update, but to the main topic yes i wish grass and mushrooms were in desert swamp it seems like they fit in perfectly (late response)

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