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I was thinking about the spiders myself

They could be meat-eating animals that hunt other critters. When they catch one, they wrap it in the web, feast on it, and leave only web cocoon from it. You could process the web for the fiber.

You could have several moprphs of spiders, one that makes hanging webs to hunt flying critters, one that hangs on the ceiling to catch animals running below it and one for aquatic hunt

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I was thinking of a sipder critter for the rust biome. The current critter (squeaky puft) doesn`t really fit there. An aggressive critter would make the biome harder a bit as currently it`s one of the easiest. It would be cool if it also damaged buildings producing rust or created rusty spiderwebs for a renewable rust source.

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1 hour ago, Yunru said:

I don't like spiders.

How about totally-not-a-spider spider?

Other ONI animals have no IRL counterparts (well, ok Pacus have, but in general - they dont have)

So we could have web-weaving aggresive, meat-eating critter that is nothing like spider

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I looked for "What is the definition of a spider?"

One result was:

1.) An eight-legged predatory arachnid with an unsegmented body consisting of a fused head and thorax and a rounded abdomen. Spiders have fangs which inject poison into their prey, and most kinds spin webs in which to capture insects.

2.) An object resembling a spider, especially one having numerous or prominent legs or radiating spokes.

Sweetle ? :lol:



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