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How does farming work in the caves?

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The season will be the same as the surface world's. Every other stress factors are also the same.

Major differences between surface and caves in terms of stress management would be:
Hard-to-find growth formula items
Water sources being scarce and scattered

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3 hours ago, Baguettes said:

Water sources being scarce and scattered

Water sources are also completely safe without any mosquitos or frogs to attack you. Every time I've cave based I've either been directly on top of a water source (which would be annoying topside) or within about the same distance to one as I would be on the surface. They also don't freeze in winter!

3 hours ago, Hatty DeWitt said:

I know you need to put it somewhere that has daylight

Technically you don't because dwarf stars count as daylight. But you'd have to return to the farm every 3.5 days to cast it again (otherwise I believe the crops would pause their growth until you return), and you'd go through 1 Star Caller's Staff per year. It'd also have a minor sanity drain of 20 every time you cast it, averaging to about 5.7 per day, which is nothing in the caves since you already have a -5 per minute drain.

If you can't find any good light spots it's an option, but I usually find a good light spot so I don't need to use Star Caller's Staves.

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33 minutes ago, Rellimarual said:

Green mushrooom biomes often have light shafts and ponds. I was able to grow giant crops there in season. You’ll also get fruit flies

I think you get fruit flies anywhere you farm? Correct me if I'm wrong

yeah as it was said, you need natural light from above/dwarf star(some conditions as for flowers to not die). Polar light does not work. I like using the dwarf start for farming on the surface too, as it makes the process faster, so I'd usually advise using it in the caves as well, but there are a few big light areas you can take advantage of if you don't want to be bothered too much. 

When the star is not going from what i saw the growing just stops. The great thing about is that you will never come to your farm after a while and find it full of weeds you need to dig up, from my experience my cave farm was always clean.

If you're more into exotic farming, the atrium also has natural light :D .

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6 minutes ago, BeeClops said:

I think you get fruit flies anywhere you farm?

Yes, you will get fruit flies anywhere you farm and the Lord of the Fruit Flies as well. Each server also has their own Lord of the Fruit Flies, so you can have one in the caves and one on the surface.

The friendly fruit fly is prone to die to earthquakes slowly over time, though, if you're near it when earthquakes happen.

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