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  1. Thank you all for answering my question and giving me more insight into the games mechanics, I'll be sure to use this new knowledge next server I join.
  2. Thank you, you've saved me time in not having to test this for myself; so keeping this in mind; would it be better to manually plant flowers or just occasionally load in the homeless bees, or a combination of the two? One last question, where did you happen to find this script? I'd like to be able to pick up this skill so I can answer any future questions about the game that I may have later on.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply! I've taken this challenge on as I've notice many public servers struggling with food shortages, so I'm hoping that they can learn to ration, teamwork and other good habits while allowing them to focus less on food production to do what ever they find fun. I prefer homeless bees as they "mimic" the path that a regular bee from the boxes will take, so if they go past the flower patch I left for them, the homeless bees have already planted flowers for them, that way no bee comes back empty handed, not to mention homeless bees can plant flowers tighter than what the player can, I've seen them plant a cluster of flowers right on top of each other. I guess I could try and figure this out by entering creative mode in a solo world and track the results there. but that's going to take a while. Thank you again for the answer!
  4. I've recently became a dedicated bee keeper of sorts in game; as in I try to join early day public games, make a sustainable bee farm for them and leave the players in the server with an icebox full of honey when winter hits, rinse and repeat. I've gotten pretty good at it as well, but aside from the initial comb and silk collection time sink, there is another massive time sink that hinders me; keeping the dozen or so homeless bees I've captured for the purpose of flower production loaded; This is where my question arises, Do I need to keep homeless bees loaded by staying near them to allow them to plant flowers?? I know unloaded bee boxes can produce honey, so is it the same with unloaded homeless bees? As in, can I leave them doing their job while I go around actually playing the game, or must I keep them loaded with all the free time I've got? I've been doing the ladder as I'm afraid that they won't make flowers and I won't be able to leave everyone else in the server with all the honey I could have made. Thank you in advance.
  5. So I'm still pretty new to running a dedicated server for me and my friends to play on, we managed to play on it for 500+ days with no lag issues, but all of a sudden everyone is getting noticeable lag; is there a way for me to see a list of items or entities to pin point what is causing the issue? Or do I have to blindly guess and start using c_removeall on what I think is the problem?
  6. Thank you redirecting me, sorry for asking the same question again.
  7. I've managed to set up my own small dedicated server, and everything is going smooth, except that no one can see the ping, so no one joins; I've checked my firewall and DST seems to be able to get through, I've also tried port forwards, granted I may have done that incorrectly, and yet nothing, my ping for other players shows as "???". Is there any solution for this, or am I stuck like this?
  8. It’s alright, we all have things that require our attention last minute, I may not be able to join tonight, if I do hopefully I’ll be able to find you there.
  9. I'm sorry to bother but the server is not on the listings, will this be a server with hours of operation or a 24 hrs server? Sorry for replying three hours later, I've haven't noticed you've started hosting.
  10. Could you give more details on the server? As in player count, world settings and whether or not there will be multiple servers? other than that, this sounds like it will be a great spot to stop by and hang out with other players.
  11. I admire your boldness to allow anyone to be an admin on your server, although I doubt we have any bad apples here; right? I’d be interested in applying, but I’d like to know where the region you are hosting in is as to know whether or not I’ll have a stable connection, what use would an admin who can’t even connect be?
  12. Well, now that I’ve got some eyes on this thread, I’ve been told that schools of fish will disappear and be replaced with new ones when I sail away, effectively reloading them, is this true? If so could I exploit this to get those seasonal fishes?
  13. Hm, do you have any advice on how I can increase my odds of finding these fishes? Do I have to fish out the current school to allow the seasonal ones to spawn? Or do they not spawn in with schools of fish that get marked on my map? One last question, the swell is one shade darker than the coast ocean right?
  14. The fish I am referencing specifically the scorching sunfish and ice bream; I’d like the idea of having a better, shorter-lived thermal stone in my pocket, and I’ve tried to search out to find in the swell oceans to no luck after 4 days out at sea, at that point I’ve given up and I’ve thought to myself, “Is it worth all this hassle for one fish when I could just use my old thermal stone and easily burn a tree or have a snow Chester?” Maybe I just have terrible luck, or I have not stayed long enough to find them, yes, I have been searching for them in their respective seasons, and I don’t like the idea of having to sail to the spots in the hopes to find one of them.
  15. A good way to keep it up, and to get something in return, is to take your beefalo to the nearest desert and start picking spiky bushes and cacti; not only will you be gaining ornery tendency points, but sticks to feed your beefalo and cacti for yourself to eat as a snack, it’s a win win! I’ve managed to tame an ornery by doing this alone.