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atmo sensors too low

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5 hours ago, Tracelamenace said:

Hello, atmo sensors that work beyond 20k would be welcome. 2000k would be good, 100,000k would be ideal!

If you really need that (I doubt it), you can use doors to take a sample, and then inflate it in volume. That allows you to measure larger pressures. 

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Before my dupe travel to "Burnito" (a lava asteroid), i need to embark a lot of oxygen, i wanted be ring when presure are to 100k because it take à very long time to goal. and no, it's not an exploit, i use the canister emptier ^^

and sorry for my very bad english, #@§£ google traduct, i think you understand me like this ^^


Oni Cokpit.jpg

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Ah. I just let it run and set an alarm via a kitchen alarm clock for an estimated completion time. Ended up with 40k/tile when I wanted 15k ;-)

Now, if you really want this, put a counter on the bottle-filler. Dupes passing with bottle via weight sensor is probably easiest. Do an alert on that one, or, better, close it down when enough has been taken out. 

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