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  1. Same problem since the last update
  2. New patch, more lag, cycle 772 the game is unplayable : every seconde the game freeze during one seconde ...
  3. Each time i'm on an advance party, my game lag 'n crash few cycles later. All the resource of my PC aren't used. Need i to unlock somethings or set somethings for the game can use all the RAM and all the CPU ?
  4. That's not the problem, my dupes are seek with or without gurney.
  5. Look my screenshot : My dupe "Sirene" said a bad emote however her status said nothing, body 'n hands are clean, by chance she slept well, nothing wrong in the status ...
  6. My issulated pipes is in Abyssalite, but if the water don't move, it loose calorie. Or the issulated pipes need to be construct in a issulated tiles for solve the problem Try to construct a inssulated pipe in cold environment, put water in, stop the water, you'll see the problem after few cycle. And don't supose people are stupid please
  7. Some of my dupe are sick forever, Impossible to treat them. Very annoying.
  8. Same problem ... the liquid need to move for don't freeze, i solved the problem with just one irrigate plant on the pipeline.
  9. Hi, sorry by advance for my bad english. I think i have same issues. One of my duplicant is alltime seek for no reason and his informations windows don't said nothing about this. Can i edit the save file for change this ? It's very problematic because this dupe stop all works for few time, 10 or more times per cycle, he releases the transported objects during his "emote". I can't atribute him a medical cot because he stay on for infinite time whitout cure.