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  1. This game is far too addictive. How much time have you spent here? Here's my record on steam, most of it is active playtime or at the computer at the very least.
  2. So at this point is there any point at all in analyzing geysers? It just seems like a waste of time at this point as it doesn't change how you deal with geyser or benefit you in any way. Am I missing something? If this is the case, perhaps the devs could allow us to throttle or boost the geyser output with a slider after analysis. This would make sense as certain maps suffer from a severe shortage of some resources. Edit: sorry for repost. Just realized someone just posted about this very issue!
  3. p Here's a really easy solution
  4. Duplicants who enter space have all custom door permissions revoked on return from space
  5. Not sure what causes this bug but here's a screenshot
  6. The sweeper continuously delivers a negligible amount of oxylite to a launched rocket. This occurs both when it's grounded and in space. presumably this is because some of the oxylite evaporates while picked up by the sweeper.
  7. It's something to do with the new Queue update. After chefs cook a few meals, they will stop cooking. The infinite recipe just straight up does not work and this bug is produced by picking multiple recipes of a high number. I've tried banning cooks from all other activities and this simply results in them standing around doing nothing.
  8. Shove Voles Freeze when expelling waste
  9. -Critters won't eat from food dispensers -The infinite selection for production is non functional and when selected will not produce a workable order
  10. [Game Update] - 289327

    Now the game crashes every time they try lay an egg while burrowing. Or at least thats the going theory at the moment.
  11. Apparently there's a bug at present where burrowing voles spawn an egg which causes a crash when they spawn an egg underground.
  12. [Game Update] - 289453

    Can we do something about the shove vole crashes when they lay an egg? Games pretty much unplayable atm because of it.
  13. Already made a post but uploaded the wrong save file. Game crashes about a 1/3 cycle through from the load consistently. The game save is from the preview branch originally. It crashes directly to the desktop with no option to bug report. Hapless Hospital Cycle 572.sav
  14. Game Crash After Load

    More recent save file. Managed to run for a few more cycles but its still crashing. Hapless Hospital.sav