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  1. Sterile Atmosphere

    CO2 floor fridge
  2. Does sterile atmosphere still halt spoilage or just slow it? I swear that my food is now rotting in sterile atmosphere conditions.
  3. Just something to consider. Rather than having an explicitly planned base, I go for a "distributed" base design. I make sure that: - all floors are have 4 tiles of space between them - you insulate areas that require it - airlock areas that require it. As I develop my base, I simply chop and change areas as I need them. It is not optimally efficient in terms of travel time and fps but you can chop and change pieces of the base as you need to quite easily
  4. My main criticism of this system is that there are no fridges to help with automating farms.
  5. Update Frequency

    I imagine it's probably been crunch time at the Klei office for the past couple of months.I think the poor buggers deserve a rest. That bring said I would really like a performance update. The late game is painful right now.
  6. She protec, she attac. But most importantly she snip snip to keep duplicates back.
  7. What happens when someone breaches the temporal tear? Do you get a new colony? Do all the dupes go to the new colony or just the ones on the rocket?
  8. What actions does a lit workspace apply to exactly? I'm most interested as to whether this applies to recreational activities like eating, dancing and showering - for obvious reasons.
  9. As described
  10. Game freeze

    Game freezes soon after loading The Uncomfortable Spacepad.sav
  11. The game crashes a few seconds after loading and unpausing. The Uncomfortable Spacepad.sav
  12. You biggest annoyances?

    The category/list system right now is pure aids right now. Why is fertilizer and phosphorite in a separate category to dirt? They should both be in agricultural.
  13. Duplicants who enter space have all custom door permissions revoked on return from space
  14. Not sure what causes this bug but here's a screenshot
  15. The sweeper continuously delivers a negligible amount of oxylite to a launched rocket. This occurs both when it's grounded and in space. presumably this is because some of the oxylite evaporates while picked up by the sweeper.