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  1. Does anyone know roughly when the full release date is? I Reallllly want to paly but I don't want to start new when the game finally releases and has new worldgen features.
  2. What features (if any) will we need a new worldgen to get?
  3. Absolutely infuriating. Literally unplayable. Anyone else experiencing this bug where there are qualified crew in the rocket but it still says "missing qualified crew"
  4. @ZombieDupe You say you have a few hundred hours as if that makes your argument valid. The people you are arguing with look like this. yes, we know that new players are go to struggle because they do not have those hours and experience. That is part of the journey. A niobium volcano taming is near the end of that journey - though I'm not going to repeat the points already made. I'm struggling now because you are just point blank refusing to accept the completely valid points that people have made in contradiction to yours. If you're not going to accept these points, I'm not sure that there is any more productive discussion to be had here.
  5. This post and the subsequent arguments can be boiled down to "I don't understand how basic game mechanics work and should be factored into engineering/design decisions. Therefore this content should be removed or tweaked for me specifically". New players are not going to land and colonize the niobium planet because it's difficult as is. When they do colonize it, they will have built up enough experience to deal with the challenge when they discover the niobium volcano Read my post on the actual calculations and engineering to deal with the volcano if you cant deal with it yourself.
  6. I have narrowed this down a bit - not sure if it's a related bug. Whenever I try to launch the two rockets in red the game crashes. Player-prev.log Player.log Factory Cycle 898.sav
  7. This seems to be related to rockets and possible bed/toilet assignments. I wound back a few cycles and locked dupes out of the rockets. running 3 cycles past my last crash point.
  8. Player.logPlayer-prev.logSorry, thought i had. Ran for a few more cycles and deconstructed the liquid cargo rocket. It's something else causing the crash Factory Cycle 875.sav
  9. Not sure if it's related butFactory Cycle 874.sav I'm getting non stop crashes every time i try load up my game.
  10. I tried sandbox mode and putting a roof on the map. Still didn't work.
  11. Receiver is irrelevant. I have tried it several times. I'm about to land them in the mini base I set up using steel from a rover and trailblzer module so I will find out soon if they're empty.
  12. I've been trying to deliver some steel but the cargo module won't deploy it. Am I missing something? I made sure that they were loaded and know for a fact that I pressed the button.
  13. They could just remove the ability to build storage containers in the spacefarer module