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  1. -sigh- will i need a new worldgen to get voles again or can I get them from the printing pod?
  2. What features (if any) will we need a new worldgen to get?
  3. I have narrowed this down a bit - not sure if it's a related bug. Whenever I try to launch the two rockets in red the game crashes. Player-prev.log Player.log Factory Cycle 898.sav
  4. This seems to be related to rockets and possible bed/toilet assignments. I wound back a few cycles and locked dupes out of the rockets. running 3 cycles past my last crash point.
  5. Player.logPlayer-prev.logSorry, thought i had. Ran for a few more cycles and deconstructed the liquid cargo rocket. It's something else causing the crash Factory Cycle 875.sav
  6. Not sure if it's related butFactory Cycle 874.sav I'm getting non stop crashes every time i try load up my game.
  7. Tried and the bug remained unfixed. I've upload my save file in case the devs read this and respond. Crash occurs within one cycle of resuming play.
  8. Not pleased to see that one get axed. I thought it was cool incentivising us to engineer/build around including lights in rec rooms for a small efficiency boost.
  9. Game freezes soon after loading The Uncomfortable Spacepad.sav
  10. The game crashes a few seconds after loading and unpausing. The Uncomfortable Spacepad.sav
  11. Duplicants who enter space have all custom door permissions revoked on return from space
  12. Not sure what causes this bug but here's a screenshot