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  1. The temperature? See below Thanks for the help
  2. Where on earth is this water coming from? It's just.... appearing.
  3. bizarre. thats likely the problem. Thanks I'll check it out Yep. that did the trick thanks
  4. How do you actually tame a gassy moo? It's in a stable but dupes won't groom it. I was only going to do it for the achievement and have not set up anything to feed it.
  5. So basically, im just unlucky and need to be patient
  6. I'm just wondering if it's different. The item is essentially disappearing from the game world. If you have plastic, I doubt you ever have 0kg plastic again.
  7. Will printing pods still produce eggs for a given critter if said critter goes the way of the dodo? I'm waiting on shove vole and larva eggs but they won't come up :/
  8. Tried and the bug remained unfixed. I've upload my save file in case the devs read this and respond. Crash occurs within one cycle of resuming play.
  9. Not pleased to see that one get axed. I thought it was cool incentivising us to engineer/build around including lights in rec rooms for a small efficiency boost.
  10. Game freezes soon after loading The Uncomfortable Spacepad.sav
  11. The game crashes a few seconds after loading and unpausing. The Uncomfortable Spacepad.sav
  12. Duplicants who enter space have all custom door permissions revoked on return from space