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No ancient guardian, clockworks... basically everything in the ruins

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hello, so today i wanted go to the ruins for well standard ruins stuff, i went to the labyrinth to beat ancient guardian and, he wasn't there, i went to one of the rooms to fight clockworks, they weren't there, so i've decided to check if there's anything related to the ruins via commands.... nothing.
for anyone saying "just regenerate the worlds". I'd like to keep my forest world tho since i got nice generation. Also the only server mods i used are: API gem core, epic healthbar and pause mod

screenshots as a proof:
(no acient guardian)
(no clockworks and robot piles)

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Just now, JosePapp said:

It kinda happened to us with the archives. Does the command work for those?

No :(, resetruins just resets the ruins like when the Gateway respawns everything in the ruins, since the archives arent affected by that the c_resetruins command wouldnt work

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