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  1. When I reload while on a boat the camera follow the player instead of the center of the boat. My guess: when EnableBoatCamera of components/walkableplatformplayer is called self.platform is not yet define.
  2. My bad. I was indeed talking about the rotation of the boats, but that's nothing new. Nothing to see here now.
  3. I found something in the code while data mining to fix my New bot shapes mod. It's disabled on purpose but you can enable it with a command line. I assume this will be released when the beta is over. But there is also the possibility that it will never be integrated into the game.
  4. A little bird told me that the boats have another surprise in store for us in this update.
  5. Is there a mistake in the new prepick stage Stone Fruit Bush duration? The new time of 2 minutes ± 2 minutes seems a bit strange. First of all, the stage can potentially last 0 sec. Secondly, if the point is to nerf Stone Fruit Bush a change from 30 secondes to 0-4 minutes is not a relevant change. I think there was a typo between "seg_time" and "day_time" in the tuning values. The new time is given by PREPICK = { BASE = 4*seg_time, VAR = 4*seg_time }, when i guess it should be something like (4 days ± 2 minutes) PREPICK = { BASE = 4*day_time, VAR = 4*seg_time },
  6. I have the same problem. The radius of farm soils has been increased from 1.25 to 1.5 to avoid the 4x4 grid, but this also makes the 3x3 grid more difficult to achieve.
  7. Are you sure? I got 30 + 15 over 30 seconds by reading the code.
  8. '@kuroite According to Circle packing in a square the maximum is 16 crops per tile. (A tile is a 4x4 square and crops have a diameter of 1.25, we are in the case dn = 1.25 / 4 = 0,3125) If you go for a 2 by 2 tiles garden the maximum is 41 crops, which is not far from the classic 36 crops.
  9. tillweedslave.lua uses "TUNING.SWEETTEA_DURATION" when it should use "TUNING.TILLWEEDSALVE_DURATION". Both have the same value, so no gameplay change is expected.
  10. The function "CycleNutrientsAtPoint" of "components/farming_manager.lua" is missing the argument "apply". CycleNutrientsAtPoint is called with the "apply" argument in "prefabs/farm_plants.lua" and "prefabs/weed_plants.lua" but the argument is not used. It doesn't induce crash, but I guess it is bugged.
  11. The Celestial Sanctum has no map icon. (while the Celestial Altar and the Celestial Tribute have one). Hint: "moon_altar_astral.png" is missing.
  12. @Jason The pulse needs to pass at less than 1 unit from a Husk to possess it (cf. archive_prop.lua line 443). The fix of the last patch prevents the security pulse to change direction toward Sentrypede Husk. This mean it is more difficult to accidentally trigger the possession, but still possible. There are two cases I have found: * A rare bug: If the Husk is exactly on the path of Sentry pulse (less than 1 tile). * A more common bug: If a Pulse starts to aim at a full health Husk (with a 20 unit detection) and the player damage the Husk between the time the pulse travel, the pulse will pass exactly on the Husk position and reanimate it whatever the damage done. Basically sometime your are damaging a Husk but it is possessed just after because a pulse already targeted the Husk. I hope my explanations are better this time.
  13. Should security pulse check the health of sentrypede husks before possessing them ? Currently, the only effect of a sentry husk in low health is to prevent the security impulses from aiming directly at it. But if the Husk is on the natural path of security pulses, it will be possessed regardless of his health. It seems more natural to me that Husk cannot be possessed at low health even if they encounter a Security pulse. I guess it can be done by adding "gestalt_possessable" tag to CENTIPEDE_MUST_TAGS table in archive_props.lua.
  14. They quotes of Webber and Wendy about the Hermit Home feel reversed between initial and updated hermit house
  15. The map icon for the Celestial Sanctum, the Celestial Sanctum Ward and the Celestial Sanctum Icon are missing. There is one icon in the file but it has a wrong name, it is "moon_altar_iconr.png" when it should probably be "moon_altar_ward_piecer.png".