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  1. Here is a non-exhaustive list of animation names, have fun.
  2. When looking for a bug, you don't need to read everything, just look for the lines containing "error" or "LUA ERROR stack traceback". In your case, and at the end of the master server log, there is [01:03:06]: error calling PrefabPostInit: oceanfish_medium_1 in mod workshop-2323750553 ( More Stack): [string "../mods/workshop-2323750553/modmain.lua"]:421: attempt to index field 'inventoryitem' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: The bug comes from mod workshop-2323750553 aka
  3. If you are looking to extract assets from the game, I advise you to follow this guide: How to extract animations from the game. It helped me a lot when I started.
  4. You can try to reset the ruins with TheWorld:PushEvent("resetruins")
  5. I have an open question, why is the family bonus via the line considered simple? To me it seems to be as legitimate as making a square or something else.
  6. I have updated the description of Winter's Feast Table on the wiki, I hope it is clearer now. If not, tell me which part you don't understand.
  7. Most characters refer to her as "it" but Walter's quote for the Malbatross Bill is "She left us a memory", it's a girl!
  8. It is true that only Feathery Canvases and Waterfowl blueprints are almost useless, because even without them, the contents would still be locked up after the defeat of the boss. But I still don't understand why it is so problematic for a boss to give an extra blueprint even though it is technically useless. Unlocking a "secret technology" can be as much part of the loot as the objects themselves.
  9. Bundling Wrap, Scaled Furnace, The Lazy Deserter, Strident Trident, Mushlight, Glowcap, Funcaps require blueprints. There is nothing specific with Malbatross blueprints, the general tendency within DST is to have blueprints for boss drops. The items you listed were already present in Don't Starve. I think it's unlikely that developers will come back to this point.
  10. Is there a mistake in the new prepick stage Stone Fruit Bush duration? The new time of 2 minutes ± 2 minutes seems a bit strange. First of all, the stage can potentially last 0 sec. Secondly, if the point is to nerf Stone Fruit Bush a change from 30 secondes to 0-4 minutes is not a relevant change. I think there was a typo between "seg_time" and "day_time" in the tuning values. The new time is given by PREPICK = { BASE = 4*seg_time, VAR = 4*seg_time }, when i guess it should be something like (4 days ± 2 minutes) PREPICK = { BASE = 4*day_time, VAR = 4*seg_time },
  11. If you plant them together, with no weeds around them and tend them with music or by hand, yes.
  12. I have the same problem. The radius of farm soils has been increased from 1.25 to 1.5 to avoid the 4x4 grid, but this also makes the 3x3 grid more difficult to achieve.
  13. Are you sure? I got 30 + 15 over 30 seconds by reading the code.
  14. '@kuroite According to Circle packing in a square the maximum is 16 crops per tile. (A tile is a 4x4 square and crops have a diameter of 1.25, we are in the case dn = 1.25 / 4 = 0,3125) If you go for a 2 by 2 tiles garden the maximum is 41 crops, which is not far from the classic 36 crops.
  15. tillweedslave.lua uses "TUNING.SWEETTEA_DURATION" when it should use "TUNING.TILLWEEDSALVE_DURATION". Both have the same value, so no gameplay change is expected.