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  1. @Paxtonnnn There are separate sprites for faces.
  2. @ShadowDuelist One day of loyalty costs 25 food. They can accumulate up to 3 days of loyalty. The wiki is up to date. But you can find the info yourself in merm.lua, follower.lua and tuning.lua.
  3. Buff Seawreath

    Seawreath is designed to be an inverse Garland. They are both head slot, craftable tier 0, spoil in 6 days, have similar sanity value (+1.33/s, -1.33/s) and both require 12 of something to craft. In terms of flavor, the symmetry will be broken if something is changed. But petals and Kelp Fronds are not comparable items, 1 Kelp Fronds is more valuable than 1 petal. In terms of balance, it makes sense to buff Seawreath. The question is do we value balance more than flavor?
  4. Indeed, I read too fast. To come back on topic, the freshness of the combined stack is given by the weighted sum of both freshness. So it doesn't matter how you combine the stacks.
  5. @GetNerfedOn The effect is divided by the size of the stack, you gain nothing by stacking before salting.
  6. @watermelen671 For information, the free version of Spriter also supports exporting as an image sequence. If you know a little of Python programming you can use apng package or webp package directly on the image sequence.
  7. The prefab name of "Crispy Skeleton" is "scorched_skeleton" but for some reason I read it "scrotched"... Anyway wiki is a community website, if you see a mistake, it is up to you to fix it.
  8. The Don't Starve wiki have a list of crock pot here, and here for Warly. But yours is nice too.
  9. Did we have some info about Gnarwail ? There was characters quotes, tuning values and brain but everything has been removed.
  10. @CameoAppearance The DST spiders after a panflute melodie,
  11. The last update solved the problem. Thanks Klei. Now the Malbatross relocation uses the same mechanics as the first spawn.