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  1. @Jason The pulse needs to pass at less than 1 unit from a Husk to possess it (cf. archive_prop.lua line 443). The fix of the last patch prevents the security pulse to change direction toward Sentrypede Husk. This mean it is more difficult to accidentally trigger the possession, but still possible. There are two cases I have found: * A rare bug: If the Husk is exactly on the path of Sentry pulse (less than 1 tile). * A more common bug: If a Pulse starts to aim at a full health Husk (with a 20 unit detection) and the player damage the Husk between the time the pulse travel, the pulse will pass exactly on the Husk position and reanimate it whatever the damage done. Basically sometime your are damaging a Husk but it is possessed just after because a pulse already targeted the Husk. I hope my explanations are better this time.
  2. Should security pulse check the health of sentrypede husks before possessing them ? Currently, the only effect of a sentry husk in low health is to prevent the security impulses from aiming directly at it. But if the Husk is on the natural path of security pulses, it will be possessed regardless of his health. It seems more natural to me that Husk cannot be possessed at low health even if they encounter a Security pulse. I guess it can be done by adding "gestalt_possessable" tag to CENTIPEDE_MUST_TAGS table in archive_props.lua.
  3. They quotes of Webber and Wendy about the Hermit Home feel reversed between initial and updated hermit house
  4. The map icon for the Celestial Sanctum, the Celestial Sanctum Ward and the Celestial Sanctum Icon are missing. There is one icon in the file but it has a wrong name, it is "moon_altar_iconr.png" when it should probably be "moon_altar_ward_piecer.png".
  5. I can count 53 recipes on your picture. Is it just a counter bug?
  6. In components/schoolspawner.lua line 78, in the function spawning shark there is: self.inst:ForceFacePoint(player.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) The problem is that self.inst is "TheWorld" (not the shark). This error make the TheWorld rotate when a shark spawn, which causes various problems with ground texture (disappearance of the ground, darkening of the ocean, etc.).
  7. @zarklord_klei For as far as my tests go, I couldn't make them collide. It's a bit off topic, but here are some of my tests:
  8. TriangleMesh can collide with spheres and cylinders. They are used in the basic game and in the mod to make the collision between the boat and the characters / objects / mobs. The problem is that two TriangleMesh don't collide together. You can't make a collision between two boats, between a boat and the world border, the land, and even the ground. To imitate a collision between two TriangleMesh you have to create cylindrical dummy entities that will collide with one of the TriangleMesh. If the engine could handle the collision between two TriangleMesh, it would open the way for all kinds of new shapes.
  9. Turning a boat is not difficult and can be easily integrated into DST. The main problem is that DST's physics and collision engine only works with spheres and horizontal cylinders. Currently, all objects/structures/players/boats are modeled by a sphere or a cylinder and there is no other possible shape. This mode does the trick by invoking several dummy cylinders around each ship. But it is very inefficient, subject to multiple bugs, and rather ugly in terms of code. Thus, unless the physics engine is changed, we won't see a non-circular boat in the base game (outside of all the gameplay concerns).
  10. Hi, I'm interested in your hitbox system, it seems really interesting for modding in general. Did you use Physics:SetTriangleMesh to create custom hitboxes? If so, can you make two TriangleMesh collide? I've played a bit with the hitboxes but I haven't been able to achieve satisfactory results.
  11. Leaks created by something other than a collision (hammered anchor, strident trident, etc.) disappear when the server is backed up/resumed. Hint: the "boat_leak" prefabs are not resistant and must be created explicitly when reloading. It is made in components/hullhealth.lua for leaks due to a collision, but there is no equivalent for the other leak.
  12. Pig house have "inst.components.spawner:SetWaterSpawning(false, true)", this means pigs cannot spawn on water but can spawn on boat. Rabbit Hutch miss this line, they can spawn in water. This explains the difference, but does not say whether it is intended or not.
  13. A detail that intrigues me more than it should: could you add more decimals to PI? Currently, there are only 5 digits of PI in constants.lua (3.14159). This seems a bit low compared to the general computational precision (~10^-16).
  14. The steering animation (rotation left or rotation right) is inconsistant between world with cave and world without cave. In the former it is based on the side of the screen you click on, in the later it based on a absolute direction. The side is determined in components/steeringwheeluser.lua by using "TheCamera:GetRightVec()". But TheCamera is fixed for world with cave. A solution could be to use the rudder_direction instead of the camera for a consistant (and imo more intuitive) way.
  15. @Viktor234 Good point. Maybe he can send a private message to developer or something. The problem is not limited to suspicious pieces, there are also Celestial altar pieces and tribute. Better adresse the root of the problem than doing a workaround for each pieces.