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my pipe is full for no reason

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Water purifiers produces more h2o than ph2o comes in....you need an outlet on the h2o side of the loop...


Wait...I explained wrong but the solution is right...

Dupes produce more ph2o compared to water used...thus the extra h2o after you purify...so an overflow on any side of the loop will work

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You don't need two water sieves. The toilets are only used now and then, so one is plenty

The pump isn't helping either as it will constantly try to add new water. That wouldn't work even if the input and output amount were the same. A toilet loop only needs to be primed once with new water when you set it up. After that you just prioritize the toilets and sinks with a bridge and direct the excess water elsewhere. At the beginning you can just store it in tanks. They take a long time to fill up and come up with a permanent solution. If you just want to dispose of it you can feed the excess polluted water into a thimble reed. Decontaminating the germy water in chlorine and using it for food is also an option.

Having the same number of sinks and toilets is also a good idea. Otherwise a dupe can walk out without washing their hands if the sink is occupied.

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Wow, 15 dead dupes already?!?

(Just me personally, but I consider any deaths a "lose condition").

Anyway, the problem you're having is because Toilets produce more polluted water than they use in clean water (Sinks and Showers are 1 to 1).

You have to put in some kind of overflow release (via bridges and an offshoot pipe) or you have to let it all out into a basin.

If you want a "closed loop" (which is what most folks do), then you only need 1 sieve, you don't need any new water input after filling, and you need an overflow pipe/bridge to get rid of the excess being produced.

Me personally, I use a modified semi-closed loop.  I route all polluted water from the bathrooms into a chlorine room for decontamination, then once it's germ free, I sieve it and send it back into my main water storage.  My entire base is cooled by a circulating clean water loop, including re-filling the bathrooms.

You can use tanks and germ sensors (with a loop back to the tank) to ensure germ-free.  But I typically just use 4 connected tanks with doors under them and a cycle timer (and 2 not gates) so that 2 tanks are "active" and 2 are "input only" by being over an open door.  The timer is set to 50% time.  This ensures that no matter what happens (at any time, when the dupes add more germy polluted water), the polluted water spends at least a full cycle in a chlorine filled room in a tank.  100% safe from germs with no worries about slipped packets of water or blocked pipes or anything else.

If I have a polluted water vent, then I pump water from the vent into the same cleaning room and that can usually supply all my water needs.  If not, then I just use it for the bathrooms.


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