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Willow portrait


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Hi, I see many having their first posts in the art thread, I'm one of them too!

I tried remaking one of Willow's official portrait pictures of her Guest of Honor theme in 3D. I mainly made this to practice, so it's not perfect but I hope someone might like it!



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Thanks for the comments!

12 hours ago, minespatch said:

I love the detail of the roses on the frame. I wished the devs did that with the roseate collection.

Why the green gem at the top?

No reason, but I thought it fits there. The frame of the official portraits have a suggestion of something gem sized at the top, so I thought it would fit, and green was the straightforward choice to balance the red of the roses.

1 hour ago, SnoByrd said:

This is awesome! You did a really good job on her hair and the curtains in the back.

Thanks! The hair was a pain to make but well worth it!

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On 1/11/2021 at 4:40 PM, Blue Moth said:

Gives me major Tim Burton vibes. Great work!

My only critique is her right hand (our left) looks a little weird.

Thanks! I'm pretty sure the Tim Burton vibes were Klei's idea for the design!

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