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No line of sight from Telescope?

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1 hour ago, he77789 said:

You can definitely point a telescope through glass IRL and see things clearly.

Clearly, you haven't done any real observation. People travel a lot to get on top of mountains because even thick polluted air is very detrimental and affect image quality a lot. And even on the top of a mountain you have to hope for still air (no wind) because you see random distortions in the image with anything stronger than a very light breeze. 

Maybe with modern technology it's possible to build a special no distortion glass, but I really doubt it would work in human body scale (3-4 meters).

And definitely not with standard window glass.

Actually even an open window is less than ideal. You have to leave it open for a long time to equalize the temperature, otherwise you have all sorts of air currents.

Small observatories under a rotating dome with an opening, even with metal walls and no heating, need to be opened some hours before observations. Well, at least it's better if you do. 

Of course you can see the moon with a telescope thru glass. Meaning you see something. But the loss in detail is massive.

1 hour ago, Steve8 said:

To spy on your neighbors maybe, but for space exploration it would be pretty bad

yeah, people don't realize the amount of light to work with is completely different.

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7 hours ago, he77789 said:

Doesn't explain why airflow tiles, which do block light, works.

Maybe the telescope works with an ONI equivalent to infrared light so that anything that has thermal conductivity, such as window tiles obstruct those wave lengths of light, whereas those tiles that do not have thermal conductivity, such as mesh and airflow tiles, and open doors, do not obstruct those wave lengths of light.

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