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22 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Just press the report button next time.:wilson_ecstatic:

Honestly, I really now believed that Hot Lava has liquid pipes and asteroids...Now that the thread has been moved from Hot Lava to ONi...It starts to make sense.

:lol: That Hot Lava game started to sound interesting for me, but it turns out its "just" ONi !!! :indecisiveness::couple_inlove::indecisiveness:

Jumping around, lava, fluid pipes, game designer conspiracy :confused::confused::confused: ...where is the Vodka bottle !

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Well, simplest way for me looks like is "radio tower system" -  tramsmitter set signal over carrier channel,  reciever read it.

Limited number of channels - to force us some planning for interplanet signal net

Power hungry

no signal if unpowered (no signal not equal "red signal", so need to maintain power, or freeze last signal in case of power off) 

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