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Ideas for Player made Set pieces to make your world Richer

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Greetings all! Some time ago I decided to make my long term world richer and more alive with additional mobs and structures placed throughout my world in sort of small player made set pieces if you will. Sometimes journeys throughout a long term world where you have moved, mined and used up many of the resources already can be a bit bland and often doesn't compare to those exciting early days of a world where you are finding new mobs, dangers and resources at every turn. I'm playing on PS4 so I can't spawn anything in or use any sort of console so I can't go too crazy but I wanted to share a little list of things I've done to make my long term world a little more alive and exciting. I am hoping that others can suggest additional ideas that myself or others can implement or gain inspiration from!

I'm not going to talk about anything in my base or farms or outposts I have set up etc this is purely for creations I've made in the "wild" if you will.
Here is a list of set pieces I have made so far (that I can remember right now):

-More Varied Forests: I've been trying to propagate and move both Birchnuts and Lunar Trees throughout all my forests across my Mainland to give the forests more variance and to somewhat stop the rampant petrification of all Evergreens. I like to plant little groves of both as well as random wild ones throughout my handful of forests. I also like to plant little groves of Birchnuts across Savannah biomes or across both my deserts.

-Small Bunnyman villages: These consist of three huts in a triangle shape with a specific item in the middle - generally a juicy berry bush, Lunar Tree or something similar. I like to imagine each Bunnyman village is guarding or protecting that resource. I have a bunch of these scattered throughout my forest with the Moon Stone setpiece. I also have a Bunnyman Hutch next to almost every single open sinkhole in my world but this is more so a bat farm/security system than it is to make the world richer.

-Gingerbread Pig Villages: Rather than smashing any of these that I find during Winters Feast I am simply leaving them as setpieces and only killing the Gingerbread Vargs. The whole holiday cheer and feast mechanic doesn't seem that strong without many players so I don't see the need in hoarding a ridiculous amount of holiday cheer, plus I can always smash the Gingerbread Pig Villages in the future should I wish to. These stay outside of the Winters Feast event so become a permanent addition to your world until they are broken! Keep them away from Giants!

-Giant Pig Village: I made a giant Pigman settlement in a forest biome with a meadow - merm heads on sticks are still intact. I gave most of the Pigs helmets (ones that last forever outside combat) and set up a large village for them in the meadow with many singular pig houses throughout the surrounding forests.

-Spooky Graveyards/Forests: During Hallowed Nights I planted Totally Normal Trees near every grave on my mainland (God I wish I never dug these up....).
I made a few spooky forests in the bigger graveyards, one of which is in the mosaic biome but in an area that the meteors don't come close to reaching so they are nice and safe. I did forget to put all my decorations on my Totally Normal Trees before Halloween ended though... which I am pretty devastated about. For some reason I thought I would still be able to place them outside of the event. Will have to wait till next Halloween to do so!

-Additional Oasis in DFly Desert: I made a small lake (just ocean surrounded by land) in the middle of the Dragonfly Desert into a second "oasis" if you will by surrounding it with Birchnuts and planting flowers and some forest/grass turf around the edges of it. It also happens to collect a fair few tumbleweeds which is handy. I have a nearby Koalafant or two that are meant to be living there but they often wander throughout the desert instead.

-Wild Deer and Koalaphants: I never kill Klaus's two deer when they transform back to normal and because they don't despawn like the deer herds I have a huge amount of deer roaming my Deciduous biome and my mosaic biome as well as some that have wandered into other biomes - at the moment there is one living in my base which is pretty cute. They do occasionally get killed by other mobs (or me) but with how often you can fight Klaus right now during Winters Feast they are still slowly taking over my mainland anyway! I also don't generally kill Koalaphants after hunts and just leave them alive in my world. Most of the Koalaphants in my world were herded to my Koalaphant Forest but more on that later..

-Improving Actual Oasis: I made a small forest surrounding the actual oasis to make it feel more lush and also created two more goat herds in this desert in different spots (my single original herd lives in my base with me). I've also planted a bunch of berry bushes but these are more for my Oasis Outpost than for decoration.

-Giant Koalaphant Forest: I'm slowly turning the Quarry biome (which is completely empty and void except for Vultures once you empty it out) into a rich Koalafant forest. I have at least 16 or so Koalafants roaming around up there and I'm terraforming the land (there is a small savannah and a large forest thus far) adding as many NEUTRAL critters that won't ever attack each other like Saladmanders and Carrats and adding various plants like flowers, berry bushes, stone fruit trees and grass tufts. This is meant to be a little paradise that is safe from any dangers and open for the Koalafants and other critters to roam happily. It is also an amazing source of poop giving at least one full stack on each visit.

-Merm Villages throughout my Swamp: These are generally near edges or sinkholes and not too close to reeds so I don't have an awful time any time I want to mass gather reeds. Generally built in sets of three or nearby existing normal Merm houses to create bigger villages. The villages that are nearby ponds produce a stupid amount of mosquito sacks. I have a small Bunnyman/Merm "War" area but this is a farm and not a decorative set piece. Having actual Merm Villages makes my swamp feel much more alive.

-Lunar Forest Shrine: I made a big Lunar Forest near my base with a patterned Lunar turf design in a spiral and a large shrine in the middle including but not limited to Astral Detectors, a moon dial, various socketed moonrock with gems, tons of Lightbugs, carrats, flowers and the special crafting moon stone you get from the smooth meteor (forget its name). This was probably one of the first projects I started and what led to me wanting to make the rest of my world more alive and vibrant. It also doubles as a great logging camp as the Lunar Trees provide tons of logs and also give me the lunar blossoms necessary to refill all my Hot Springs on the Lunar Isle or to make Lunar potions if I want to create more Saladmanders, Carrats or Lightbub spawn points.


Biomes that I generally avoid building setpieces in are the Mosaic biome (Meteors will ruin your fun), a small section of my Oasis Desert Biome that is also a Meteor Zone and a Forest biome (with a small savannah up the top) that is predominantly used as a staging ground for Bearger to farm me a stupid amount of logs. Anything I place here will potentially be at risk of being utterly destroyed by him. I also got really lucky and have a tiny little peninsula that serves perfectly to house my Spider nests, they can pretty much never spread outside of that area into the rest of my world without needing to set up statues or anything - I have completely eradicated Spiders from the rest of my world so they don't mess with other mobs or structures or spread across areas I don't want them to.

I would absolutely LOVE it if we somehow eventually got some way to create certain mob nests or houses like Catcoon Dens, Tallbird Nests etc as this would be amazing for enriching a world however it would need to be very limited or expensive or it would be overpowered. Same goes for Hound Mounds, would love to craft those too.

I originally planned to make a cool spooky spider forest with the Totally Normal Tree's, Spider Nests and other spooky structures or items (Scarecrow etc) but Spiders are just too troublesome with the way they turn into Queens and constantly relocate and move. They can cause issues when you are trying to fight Treeguards or bosses or generally gather resources from areas, it is just so much easier having them restricted to one area and farming them when I wish than allowing them to roam and collecting their resources in small dribs and drabs.

It's disappointing that so many items cannot be safely left on the ground for fear of Moleworms as I would love to leave Halloween Trinkets throughout my world in specific spots. Same goes for normal rare trinkets like the couple of cooking based ones (Beaten Beater) or the Ball of String which I would LOVE to leave in my Catcoon pen but they eat trinkets... I know you can build walls and enclose certain items so they won't be eaten but outside of my base I don't like making random pens or cages - I prefer the world to be a little more natural outside of my bases and outposts.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about other player created set pieces or suggestions on how I could improve or add to any of mine I would absolutely love to hear them!! Whilst large and intricate setups and shrines are more than welcome I am much more interested in smaller/medium set pieces that are a bit more wild or natural in their design. Screenshots are more than welcome, sorry I am too lazy to take my own - I may try to take some and share them if the topic is popular or people wish to see them.

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28 minutes ago, gaymime said:

so putting walls and berry bushes around graveyards and making small gardens(wild not farm) with some structure in the middle doesnt seem impressive anymore x''D


for sure, while i dont have any suggestions i would actually love to see some of one of your built up worlds

That gives me an idea actually... spiky bushes look pretty creepy, I might plant some throughout my graveyard areas!

All of these are in the one long term world, I'll try to get some good screenshots of some of these set ups soon :)

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8 hours ago, GelatinousCube said:

I would absolutely LOVE it if we somehow eventually got some way to create certain mob nests or houses like Catcoon Dens, Tallbird Nests etc as this would be amazing for enriching a world however it would need to be very limited or expensive or it would be overpowered. Same goes for Hound Mounds, would love to craft those too

Yes please


8 hours ago, GelatinousCube said:

It's disappointing that so many items cannot be safely left on the ground for fear of Moleworms as I would love to leave Halloween Trinkets

Look after them and remove their holes (you can relocate them if you dont want them to disappear) and they will not disturb you

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This is great and I'd love to see some pictures of these "set pieces". One of my favorite things to do now in DST is altering or creating different biomes to make the "wilds" feel more alive and dangerous. 

I've made a "Wildlands" biome with deciduous turf, lunar/birch trees, random boulders, wild farm plots (trying to get some Lord of the Flies wandering around), and tentacles spawned throughout the area. I feel like you have to intentionally make things more difficult in the higher day counts if you want someone that joins to have any threat of death. 

Edit: Other biome I'm still working on. The Cliffs. I took all the desert turf out of my dfly desert and replaced with forest, mud, rocky, and guano turf towards the back half of the biome. I put boulders and evergreens near the "bottom" of the cliffs. The idea is supposed to be that it's an area with increasing elevation so the "top" part is all guano turf to look snowy and I've got Euwecus spawned "up" there. The dfly immediate area has cave turf around so it's like a hot spot where the snow has melted. 

On PS4 too btw. 

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