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Klei or Modders Pls Make this Happen !

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so because of this update I really like play as Warly but one thing I notice that sweet good looking desert require butter and no alternative ~~ 
can Warly have one more special perks like new machine to produce Butter from goat's milk .. 

maybe 5 goat milk for 2 butter ? mechanic like that new compost bin that require time to produce also sounds legit ... hope anyone can help make this happen XD 

pretty please and thank you~~

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3 hours ago, PandoPon said:

1. I doubt its a good place to put this request.

lol sorry im not really know about this, pls tell me where to post this kind of thread 


3 hours ago, PandoPon said:

2. I don't think thats a necessity, Butterflies are plenty around Constant, if you make bee farms, you'll be likely to see a ton of butterflies floating around it.

hmm yeah sure i will sit with tons of flower with riled abigail all day but for single butter with 2% chance .. since anything can happen with mod and i have too much milk from volt goat and klaus kill .. aint this a good reason to apply this to our master chef ? ah also butterfly spawn based on number people in the server isnt it ? well i usually play solo or most 3 ppl so its so annoying to farm butter 

there mod to make butter .. but seems easy to access since all char can make it .. and i also adore warly special utensil thats why lmao 

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