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  1. It seems to me that overall the community's reaction to Winona is a bit disappointed, and I agree that I would really like to see more from Winona. Every single character has a very unique play dynamic from their perks aside from Wilson, because he is the 'vanilla' character, Willow, because her fire immunity had to be nerfed for multiplayer, and Wes, because he is the challenge character. Personally, I feel like Winona is unfinished - whether that is because she will be edited later or because Klei is absolutely bogged down with other projects (I mean, I really thought they'd put a cap on DS but I'm incredibly pleased to see they haven't) and didn't really have the time to balance out more significant perk ideas, I'm not sure. But rather than complain and talk down this present given to us from the developers, I think it'd be nice to think up other ways she could be. Maybe that could help give Klei ideas or inspire a Winona buff mod. Please try to keep balance in mind. If you think of a strong perk, try to think of a weakness to match it. However I may add unbalanced/insignificant/unfinished seeming thoughts to the list for the sake of brainstorming - perhaps they will lead to another idea. Possible Perks: Tape can mend armor More tools? Able to mend burnt structures with just tools? Efficient Builder: Half cost to craft items [@TheKingofSquirrels] Efficient Demolisher: Gets full refund of materials when hammering a structure. [@superlucas1231] Can see a torch size radius in the dark without a light, but will still get attacked by Charlie? Mass Production: Winona is able to craft multiple units of something immediately. [@Rellimarual] Super Worker: Winona has fast chopping, mining and/or insta-picking skills. [@CaptainCatSleeping] Able to hack clockwork machines? [@Lumina] Feasible Flaws: Sanity drain from open wildfires [@TrashLord] (burning factory PTSD) Reduced sanity boosts from equipment [TrashLord] (doesn't care for dapperness) Sanity can only be restored by 'working' (picking, chopping, and/or crafting) Loses sanity from breaking tools. [superlucas1231] Hostile mobs have stronger aggro to Winona [superlucas1231] Extra hunger drain [superlucas1231]