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Till weed salve is too impractical

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Given we have potatoes which heal for 20 and grow in 3 seasons with minimal nutrients and can be easily grown to giant crops.

The final nail in the coffin was the buff to wormwood healing making this item essentially useless.


4 till-weed with 4 petals 1 charcoal for 28 healing over a minute and worse the item spoils.I don't mind weak items but I just don't see any use case for it currently.

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34 minutes ago, Well-met said:

weeds are meant to be an inconvenience. the salve is just an extra. you're not supposed to farm or rely on this.

I don't know, that doesn't seem to be the case that weed are just inconvenience.

The soothing tea is very good if you can manage its 3 days spoil cycle and have a keen eye and prevent them from going to bolting stage. It has spread around perk  and a viable strategy can be built around them.

It restores 45 sanity with 40 degree temp buff.


Other weeds nettles and spiny weed just serve as  punishment and have their own role.

How do you get that many till weeds at a time(it has 6 day spoil time) if you attend to your farms, in my 300 day world I cant seem to get them from planting seed randomly and managing my crops. And couple that with 4 petals(a single flower spawns 8 health butterfly in few seconds) I don't think the item serves a purpose other than may be as a noobtrap.

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On 12/16/2020 at 2:07 PM, Well-met said:

weeds are meant to be an inconvenience. the salve is just an extra. you're not supposed to farm or rely on this.

Yes but "Tilweed Salve" craft is really an impractical craft. You already don't want weeds in your farms and weeds have 20% chance of spawning from random seeds. Furthermore 77% of those will be Forget-me-nots. That means even reaching one tillweed is 7% chance of a 20% chance...

Issue #1: Tillweeds are too uncommon They should share a bigger percentage in the breakdown of weeds. They can be buffed up to at least 1/4th of Forget-me-nots to become a somewhat regular encounter.

Then Tilweed Salve requires 4 tillweeds. 4 pieces of loot from an already rare encounter

Issue #2: To much Tillweed Needed. Soothing tea, another weed usage in comparison only needs one of its plant and forget me nots are already very common compared to tillweeds. The number of tilweeds needed to craft a salve should be decreased, to two or even one. Sure, you can get 2 tillweeds from harvesting a full grown one and shovelling. But you normally want to getrid of them as early as possible, before getting any tillweeds.

You got a tillweed? Perfect, lets use it! but now there's the question of storing it before it spoils.

Issue #3: Tillweeds perish. rather quickly even. They rot rather quickly before you can use them to craft. You plan on storing tillweeds as you encounter and make salves when you have enough? Too bad, your first tillweeds will likely be rot by the time you get new ones. To solve this, their rotting time could be extended, to match the seeds, or even make them an unperishing entity. Even in real life tillweeds dry but they don't exactly "become rotten", you can store dry tillweeds for a very long time.

Managed to accumulate 4 tillweed? Congradulations. Now go get 4 flower petals. Oh and you need a piece of charcoal too.

Issue #4: Recipe for tillweed salve is too expensive for what it does. Hardly anyone keeps flower petals in base. They are quickly perishing items that can't be accumulated as a resource. You have to particularly go out of your way and pick four flowers just to make this. Charcoal is easier and much more common to have nearby but still, recipe also requires you to have use one. Flower craftables require you to pick flowers for the exact interest of crafting the item, and they; Garland, Pretty Parason, Whirly Fan, Gift wrap, Sisturn fuel, often give eyou a reason to make those. There are so many methods of healing already, its really unreasonable to ask a person to go get 4 flower petals for a weak heal nothing desirable. Which takes us to:

Issue #5: The item itself is perishable The biggest selling point of healing craftables like healing salves and honey poultices is that they don't perish. You can make and keep them. This item is supposedly an addition to this collection but it perishes. Then is it competes with foods; there are so many good healing crock pot recipes. Tillweed Salve should not perish. If it mush, it shall do so very slowly.

Okay you did them all, got your tillweeds, items, managed to not perish them, it seems you really want to make this. but... Why?

Issue #6: The final product is too weak. You can say its a weed item so shouldn't be good but that doesn't mean it should be terrible, especially after all the troubles I listed. Make the healing more significant, have a more special effect... Otherwise as things stand, it's not at all worth making,  and that's sad for a craftable. In comparison, the forget me nots are very nice; they are easy filler, they make delightful tea, they are comparatively cheap and easy to access. Why is Tillweed Salve be so disadvantaged in so many ways.


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Another funny thing is for wormwood players....instead of building the items they can let the till-weed and petals just rot and get

8 * 4= 32 healing and save a charcoal in the process. 

or else convert the petals into poop and at same resource quantity get a compost-wrap, a multi purpose non-expiring item  best nutrient item/40 heal

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Yeah its a pity, i dont really see a use for it either. The only character who would want to use it is Wormwood because he can grow Weeds without the nutrient drain by wild planting, but as ansuman pointed out the crafting recipe really prohibits even Wormwood from making it.

  • It costs him 20 sanity to make if he's picking the flowers himself and he has to burn a tree

I think it couldve been a nice Wormwood exclusive item with a different recipe. (Im not sure what the effect would then be though. A healing item that he can share with other players sounds nice but i wouldnt want it to compete with the new Compost Wrap since i really like everything about it.)


Even as it is now i could see myself using it occasionally as Wormwood if i just want to heal without Blooming. But the recipe is so unfriendly towards Wormwood.

 also IIRC from my beta testing, Wormwood does not receive the direct 8 HP heal, he only gets the 20 over time. I think it might be classified as a food, like Jellybeans 


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My personal opinion is that as long as there are foods that provide massive amounts of healing (excluding wormwood) then healing tab items will never actually get the Spotlight it deserves.

this is ONE feature of Klei’s game that seriously has me highly highly confused.. why is there even a healing tab tier at all if other items do the job of healing more effectively then the actual healing tab items can?

Like- why use any of the healing tab stuff at all (again excluding wormwood) if just eating food stuffs heals for way more HP values?

I think what we really need is Klei to relook into the healing tab itself as a whole, maybe nerf some high hp restoring foods and instead buff the actual healing crafting tab items- for example: Maybe Booster Shots could be given a heal over time effect that heals HP as long as your not hit by anything while healing (like how some of the medicines in State of Decay 2 work)

I think that the NEW healing weed salve item was just added unnecessary clutter, that as long as better food item healing options exist- will go over looked and forgotten. (Unless playing as Wormwood) but even for Worm, it feels impractical compared to other better methods of heals.

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2 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

My personal opinion is that as long as there are foods that provide massive amounts of healing (excluding wormwood) then healing tab items will never actually get the Spotlight it deserves.

i use healing tab items.they're quite easy to craft and still provide a good amount of health(healing salves are a thing i keep in my inventory 24/7)

i don't fully think they should nerf any food items(maybe pierogi) but i do think they should buff the tab items 


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