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Giant Wild Crops?!

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look what i grew :shock: i thought this wasnt possible?!


I did water them with Water Balloons and tended to them a couple of times.  I never actually tried watering with water balloons on the Beta branch, maybe giant wild crops were always possible?! :o Horticulture sages how is this possible @QuartzBeam @Zeklo

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17 hours ago, Queron81 said:

Maybe every tile has nutrients and you just can't see them and can't add any new nutrients.

If this is true then with proper synergies you can farm wild giants consistently. I don't have wormwood, so could someone test this?
However, no water should add too much stress for a giant, and from your screenshot it looks like its Autumn, meaning there likely wasn't rain. Seems like a bug.

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