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QoL Suggestion - Boat Docks

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Would anyone other than me be interested in a "Dock" structure for refitting boats with Geometric Placement?

It's impossible to get the boat back into tile alignment once it's been moved. I know you can just rebuild but that's a pain and I get otherwise attached to my little warships covered in boat patches...

[EDIT] - Also, sea shanty emote with pirate/captain hat skins please

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5 minutes ago, DarkPulse91 said:

Well geometric placement is a mod. So adding in a new structure just for people who use a mod seems a little unnecessary 

The "just" 2,148,224 people (conservatively 50% of the player-base) you're referring to would like a word!

I take your point however. The other obvious benefit would be a decent place to leave your boat other than randomly at the edge of the world but they could add others (no risk of sinking etc.). 

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11 minutes ago, Notecja said:

Actually, putting stuff on boat without geometric placement usually works better, as this mod is usually messing up with available space.

You monster!

8 minutes ago, DarkPulse91 said:

And what about console players? Who don't have mods at all.
Making content centered around a mod is not a good idea.

Already addressed this above. But to respond to your point, I think if that if said mod is used by the majority of your player base:

1) You are making content centered around your player base

2) It should be integrated into the base game (I can't honestly say console players concern me at all, but that covers them too)

I like the idea of a dock regardless, the benefit to placement is just a bonus.

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It doesn't have to be tied with the mod. Just a metal patch on your boat and a big magnet placed on shore is enough of a solution, the boat will just be attached once you go in it's proximity. 

Or anything else like that, a pole you can tie your boat to so it will be stuck in the before assigned position, literal dock made of wood you steer into that will soothe the bump, or honestly anything else. Geometric placement is not needed to do that. 

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