Magic Mushrooms?

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So I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have edible mushrooms in the game, with different effects? There could be several different graphics, one for each mushroom type, and the effects of each could be randomized on the start of a new game. The effect of each type is a mystery until you ingest it, at which point something (good or bad) happens. Could be a status effect or add or subtract health, whatever. The main thing is that it would be a system roughly analogous to potions or scrolls in a roguelike, and I think it would give an interesting layer of unpredictability, which is important for a game like this. I like to be kept on my toes, even after the hundredth play session or so.

What does everybody think?

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I'm pretty sure Kevin slipped somewhere that mushrooms are planned.

I really like the idea of randomizing the effects of each type of mushroom on each replay, although that may cause confusion if you aren't familiarized with this rogue-like feature.

Kinda like the pills in The Binding of Isaac. I like it.

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I agree with randomized effects. I suggested something similar for my thread about an underground area. What mushroom is poisonous? Eat one and find out. I certainly don't need to be spoon fed every fact about a game to enjoy it.

For those of you interested there's a Japanese manga about survival in a distant future, and in one of the chapters one survivor uses another to test the medicinal and edible properties of various herbs and mushrooms. The manga was called "7 Seeds".

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