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  1. THE HYPENING 2014

    I noticed a blank world generation option after Huge. I tried it. It's been almost an hour now, and the world is still generating. To comparison, my Medium worlds don't take more than 20 seconds to generate. Think about that. Now I'm just going to abort this world... I fear what it would do to my PC. It's a i7, but 4 Gigs of RAM ain't much.
  2. Carrier Gobblers!

    This doesn't feel super broken? I don't mind it. It purely depends what your style of play is. I like having everything in one place: I find excessive fiddling with chests a waste of time. Also, I never upgrade my backpack and I often find myself with plenty of free room, so I don't think I'm really breaking the game balance after all.
  3. Carrier Gobblers!

    Kipho's RPG HUD 20 There are other versions, but I find the others way too overpowered and not very fitting.
  4. Carrier Gobblers!

    Pick royalty-free images on the web, posterize them and add black borders everywhere. Those are for scale. That, or Kevin has a hat fetish - which would neither surprise nor disappoint me. Your wish is my command. Just don't get used to it. (I suppose you just have to rip off a feather in order to fit the backpack. That way it gets what it deserves and you can also recognize it more easily. For the same purpose, I also slightly changed the color pattern of the big back feathers.)
  5. Carrier Gobblers!

    Well, communication-wise, there's no purpose to defeat. You're just carrying stuff over (maybe you're collecting trapped bunnies and you send them to base to be stored, maybe you went grave hunting, things like that), not sending postcards. I see no problem with that. The carrot berry-on-a-stick idea is too impractical (if you got to hope the direction is the right one) or immersion-breaking (if you really have to choose who to send the perd to). This said, I see how OP my previous idea would be (although there can't be that many gobblers roaming around, since they retreat at dusk). What about putting some berries or a red cap on a drying rack (that way it's not something you can immediately do and you're also using an otherwise very useful structure) so that every obese son of a dodo with a backpack wants to come and say hi? It makes kind of sense, since the bugger was technically befriended and thus it's not intimidated by the artificial rack. Also, this could kind of work in SP as well, assuming you don't leave the berries there for so long that they actually become seeds or you don't let the mushroom turn into petals. Uhm yeah, that's a thing. I suppose. EDIT: I forgot the hat part. Well, dear sir/madam/citizen (Fallen London reference here) I won't deny it, it would be cool. Yet terribly time-consuming. If you really want to, and if you want to further encourage me to take on the mod, add to every gobbler head below a little mailman hat. Be careful to respect the artstyle, the head's orientation and don't make it larger than the hypothetical rectangle that defines the head's dimensions. I also suggest you do it with an image editor that uses layers, like GIMP of Photoshop. Good luck
  6. Carrier Gobblers!

    Look at my profile picture. Look closely. That's right. I ain't the kind of guy who wastes a perfectly good chance to use his good old PS6 friend. All things considered, I accept your challenge. Gimp will have to do. UPDATE: already pretty much done. (Anyway, I know what you meant, but no, I'm not gonna bother to animate a swap_backpack on the perd. Not a chance.)
  7. Carrier Gobblers!

    I'd rather see gobblers as actual couriers. Let me explain: Give the dumb bird a share of your fresh berries. It neither deserves nor needs any of them, though it's ok to make an exception for this once. Tie a backpack to its shoulders. The lazy wimp doesn't flap those clumsy wings anyway. Ask (or yell) your friend to put roasted berries on the ground. It's a waste, I know, but it'll be worth it, I promise. Now every fat son of a gobblig dodo, no matter where it is, will target the roasted berries. Assuming they're not hiding in a bush like the petty coward they are. Eventually, the right bugger will show up, and you can bash its head flat while it eats the hopefully-not-spoiled berries, and finally retrieve the shipment. Or you could waste even more bloody berries to befriend it temporarily, so you can civilly untie the backpack and be a total disgrace to the human race. What a shame. I expected more from you.Regardless, if I will ever have time and patience to mod in lua, this is on top of the list.
  8. How does one change one's "game" section? Mine's ancient!

  9. I've already updated all I could. Don't worry, it's not your fault if the game is too awesome for my PC to handle it
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam [*]Chrome Version Number 72964 Issue title Game simply won't work [uPDATE] Steps to reproduce Try to run Don't Starve on this laptop. Simple as that... sadly. Describe your issue This is not the first time I submit this problem: you can find my other thread here. It has a whole dxdiag and some information and history you may want to know about, just scroll down a couple of posts once you're there. It was closed down, but since things appear to have changed a little bit since the last update, I thought it could be a good idea to go ahead and harass you poor developers once more. (sorry about it, btw) I don't know if the crash report for the Steam version is any different (this is the windows report, not the steam one - you would have guessed that at the very first glance, I know), but I'll post it anyway. Chrome decided to act a little differently this time though (nope, still not working) and gave us a couple more clues. A window pops out saying Error: Module Crashed: NaCl module crashed and the console (the one that appears with Ctrl+Shift+J) say this, right after it finished loading textures and this last "peaceful" line appeared: [18:48.31.508490]: GameThread::InitializeOffMainThread() Completed util.js:16 Correct me if I'm wrong(and, by all means, do it), but my basic IT knowledge tells me I'll never see Maxwell vanishing into the grass again. Screw my integrated graphics card
  11. Food spoilage?

    Oh, man, I always miss the fun when I temporarily leave these forums. But holy crappy damn, Mobius! You, good sir, really are the one with a plan! Let me spend a couple of words about this idea. Then I promise I'll leave. I'll try. I think. I hope. Here, in South Italy, where I live, I reside and (if you didn't already guessed) I may also dwell, we know what we're talking about when food spoilage is the main topic. We manage to preserve from time's usury almost everything; the only food we never managed to make it last forever are savoy cabbages. They stink so much we don't even care if they start rotting away! Once they become a sticky, greyish goop, we just trow 'em to the pigs and everybody (but the poor swines) will be fine. Legumes Well, to make it simple, raw legumes just don't spoilage. Ever. I heard they found some expired lentils in an Egyptian tomb, but that was it. Over that, they provide a ton of nutritive elements (the same meat does) and they even fertilize the ground they are cultivated on. Overpowered, aren't they? Putting EVERYTHING in evacuated jars It is possible, very possible, to evacuate a jar containing some kind of food with just a crock pot, basically. And a lid, of course. Don't ask why we also do this to lemons' skin, do yourself a favor, just don't. Only thinking of it will make your face curl up and your tongue wrinkle. Btw, this process makes food enter a perfect stasis, and you can literally dump it into the sea and expect it to be edible once you come back decades later. Cheeses, pecorini, caciotte, so on and so forth Have you ever heard of Rodez(which, I know, it's not Italian), Parmiggiano or Grana Padano? Well, these are just a really petty few of the enormous number of ways to make milk last over your own death. I know there's no milk in the game, but you never know what a beefalo may hide under his woolly belly. Just check it's a female, alright boy? Sweets, confetti and sweet confetti The title says it all. Don't make me waste more of your time saying things you probably already know about confetti's ability of being so hard-wearing they also make extraordinary cheap 9mm ammo. As always, don't ask. Desiccate EVERYTHING (sorta) From tomatoes to figs, from meat to bread, our mighty sun can desiccate anything that pretends to have water in it. Even water itself. *rolls away*
  12. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    Stands for The Brit, or Tophats' Beloved, or Total Biscuit. The last one is an invention of mine, it doesn't really make any sense u.u Damn you, Fu, with your perfectly timed, unoriginal and providencial responses!
  13. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    I came from TB's wave It will be quite noticeable, certainly!
  14. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    Beware of the Yogsarmy! I'm disintering the shotty