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  1. Ball and Cup - Create a popgun Dessicated Tentacle - Create a tentacle spike Fake Kazoo - Hey maybe it's good for some idea I posted earlier: [ideas] Dog whistle/ Firecracker/ anything attracting Hounds Gnome - Plug a rabbit hole with it and see it watch rabbits judgingly Gord's Knot - Chop it in half with your axe (out of frustration) regaining all your sanity afterwards Frazzled Wires - Make a device... Trap maybe(?) Hardened Rubber Bung - Plug a rabbit hole Lying Robot - To increase sanity. See below. Melty Marbles - Cook it to create "glass" or cook it to create "ammo"(?) Mismatched Buttons - Ammo(?) Or clothing ofcourse Second-hand Dentures - ... Decreases sanity if you touch it *ugh! disgusting!* Or combine with ghosts: have flying teeth protect your property... ...Or create a Tooth Trap! Tiny Rocketship - Combine with gnome, send it to space, get the "Little Rocket Man" achievement, make Gordon Freeman happy. I don't really like the ammo ideas since I don't think ranged weapons are "it" for in this game, but this would make great ammo for maybe a slingshot. A robot telling you sweet little lies to regain sanity. [i"Oh Wilson you're so handsome!" Kind regards, Karisuto
  2. Yes, copy the "restart" file in one of the Don't Starve game maps. For steam it's in on of the (many) "remote" maps.
  3. 1. Add "running/moving" to that list. 2. The problem here is a pratical/technical one. It's messy for the programmers to add spoilage to the game and it will make the game slower/laggy. So the mechaninism has to be simplified in some way. A solution could be to make a complete stack decayable without having different decay rates per item in one stack. For example the complete stack decays with a certain rate (for meat/morsels) e.g. with a decay rate of 1item/day or 1item/2days. If you pick up an item on the ground with a "newer" decay rate, this decay rate is nullified when it's added to the "older" stack. I have thought of some kind of system as well to make it matter what kind of food you eat. Eating certain foods will affect Wilson's psyche, giving him buffs and debuffs alike. For example for eating raw meat, vegetables, cooked foods and flower petal/seeds. -Raw meat: make Wilson go into Instinct-mode -Vegetables: make Wilson go into Tranquil-mode -Cooked foods: make Wilson go into Comfort-mode -Flower petal/seeds: make Wilson go into Intelligent-mode -Other foods/combinations: ????? You could also make Raw meat give you less food/health when in Instict mode, make Vegetables give you less food/health in Tranquil-mode, etc, etc, to discourage eating the same thing over and over. For the old ideas about this system see this link (haven't updated it since): [ideas] Hidden Emotion-meter Kind regards, Karisuto
  4. Posted a yeti in the Art & Lore forums, they didn't like it that much. I myself don't think it would be that necessary for this game either. [Art] Winter Creatures ...and there is always the Monkeymen... Suggestion: The Monkeymen! Kind regards, Karisuto
  5. Thanks.You got a point there with the benefits. I have been rethinking some benefits in combination with drawbacks.Wethersby's characteristics:Wethersby starts the game with 3 indestructable items:1. Walking Stick (tool)2. Pocket Watch (suit)3. Top Hat (hatdress)Drawbacks:-walks slower than other characters at 85% movementspeed. When wearing the Walking Stick it's 100%-must wear the Pocket Watch to trigger it's effect-wears a Top Hat permanently, unable to wear other hatdresses-cannot wear LogsuitsTo counterfit the drawbacks there have to be good benefits.Benefits:-when wearing the Pocket Watch Wethersby makes a non-stackable cup of tea at certain times of the day (3-4 times a day or so)-cups of tea restore health points-cups of tea become stronger blends when Wethersby is punctual and doesn't skip making his tea (tea-making-spree!)-walking stick is indestructable(!), does same damage as regular tools--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cups o' Tea Spree:day 1 - tea with a biscuit (restores some health and some stomach. 4 health/ 3 stomach)day 2 - earl grey (restores bit more health, no stomach. 7 health)day 3 - cinnamon tea (15 health)day 4 - oriental tea (20 health)(day 5?) - Chinese medicine (35 health)Other suggestion: Chinese medicine is only created at dawn when Wethersby sleeps through the night (he likes comfort and he walks slower so you don't want to move around at night with a torch).The intervals:The day consists of 8 minutes divided in 16 parts. Dusk starts at the 10th part (5 minute mark).1st part (0 min) -at dawn4th part (2 min) -at noonish 8th part (4 min) -at afternoon (Afternoon tea)11th part (5.5 min) -at dusk (High tea) ("It's getting late. I need to make some tea")Kind regards, Karisuto
  6. In some occassions it is desired to have Hounds attack you the moment you hear them, maybe it's almost nightfall and you want to dispose of them before that or your were simply geared up already. So in some cases it is desired to be able to get the Hounds their attention and let them know where you are. I do not know if this would make the game more fun, since it's unnerving to hear the Hounds barking louder and louder until they enter your screen and that would be lacking with a Hound-wave trigger. But I do think it's worth reviewing for at least once. 1: Dog Whistle The Hounds hear where you are located and massively enter the screen. The complete Hound-pack approaches. 2: Burn cooked meat You cooked some meat, now it's tasty, cook it again and your fire pit gives of an intensive smell of burned meat and charcoal. Some Hounds are triggered instantly as if a normal wave just started. -recooking meat emits a massive smoking cloud rising from your campfire/fire pit. 3: Firecrackers Same as use as Dog Whistle, but same effect as burning cooked meat. Instantly triggers a normal wave. (have seen some posts about firecrackers/fireworks, don't know if it had the same use) Addition: There are threads already for Hound decoys, such as Meat Effigies and Scarecrows. Kind regards, Karisuto
  7. I asked the moderators (and Devs indirectly) something similar a couple of days ago.(Posting on this thread as well:)Just A Heads-Up To You "Suggesters"They are not very fond of the idea. They know what has been posted and don't mind things getting to the bottom. In fact they clearly stated to me that they actually do not want threads at the bottom bumping back up (because it's old, they know about it already, etc). So they didn't gave me permission to make a thread/sticky to revive old posts/threads and to make thread compilations.If you want to check old threads/all suggestions check out Moonphos' sticky, they gave him permission to make a thread wich includes as many ideas as possible:[Compilation] All suggestions, from everyone.If some ideas are not included, ask moonphos to update it.Kind regards, Karisuto
  8. Yes, that's what I like about it. And therefor I pointed out that in these persperspectives Maxwell is not a demon. For example that it is Wilson's own conscience, not a demon, which might seem demonic in Wilson's eyes. Or as Spazmatic stated that it's indeed some sort of magician that brought them there for certain reasons.Added: I just see that this post is in the "general discussion section", not the "suggestion and feedback section", I viewed it as new suggestions being made for the stoyline/background. Kind regards, Karisuto
  9. Like this too. Especially this one is notable: If you really are a demon you wouldn't send someone to a grassy field with bunnies & berries, would you? However the idea that Maxwell is a demon in the character's eyes would be quite fitting. And with the possibility that this created world might not even be real (or at least in someones head that is), this idea could fit in that scenario as well.
  10. 8D *sparkle eyes*. Awesome backstory idea... Maxwell is your conscience in the flesh...(No wonder Wilson hates that guy ^_^. And that somehow they all seem to know him)
  11. I just received some inside info. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to start the mentioned thread, but fortunately the reasons why were made clear to me as well. At first I wondered if good ideas posted earlier (november/begin december) have been forgotten and if popular threads (due to bumping/spamming) were favored over the less viewed, less popular ones. However I can assure you now that most early ideas are well known with the Devs since the forums weren't that busy back then. So they have a reason to let those threads 'die off' since they have had their use already! This means that threads/subjects you don't hear about anymore aren't neccessarily unpopular with the Devs... That's great in my opinion. And about the spamming and excessive threads, these are still moderated regularly by... the moderators to check for news. But what are they cooking up you ask? What kind of suggestions will they put not into the game?* Well... they aren't telling ^_^. But I can tell you that if an idea is absolutely unfavored with the Devs you would have heard by now (*cough* Multiplayer *cough*). (Or it would be locked etc, I think.) That means that if you don't hear about it anymore it's still open for suggestions and you don't know if the Devs have been secretly working on your idea. So continue whatever you were doing. And make your suggestions. I hope to have informed you well. Kind regards, Karisuto *(I asked what kind of ideas they absolutely wouldn't put into the game (since they known all the suggestions so well) and because it would make it easier to come up with suggestions)
  12. You are not the only one. If I had known before I hadn't started my thread. Anyways this is how the Devs/Mods wants it to be. See QuadroMan1's thread for that also: Just A Heads-Up To You "Suggesters" Kind regards, Karisuto
  13. I noticed the same issue and addressed the problem couple of days ago to the moderator(s), they're looking into it. The response for now was that they rather want certain ideas to sink to the bottom of the forums, never to hear from it again. And the excessive "new" ideas that have already been suggested earlier are just nothing to do about, because people don't read the "stickies" or don't use the searchbar. But wait a second with blaming the devs/mods for that, they simply haven't got an all-curing solution. The solution I suggested was to make an monthly/half-monthly thread were people could post their favorite thread-compilation of 5-30 old/forgotten/excessive threads that they think need promotion/reviewing or are simply worthwhile. This way the devs/mods can get an overview of what the general interest of the beta-testers is and the forums don't get clogged with 5x the suggestion to add "poison" or to add "crocodiles" in the game. But as I said earlier they don't like the idea of old/forgotten threads bumping back up, so they put my request 'on hold' for the moment. And.. I won't start such thread before I get their permission. (But since QuadroMan1 already started such thing, I won't regret putting these ideas in here already. ^_^) By the way, the reason why I think the "sticky-threads" don't work is because they... stick. People don't see them change colour, nor see them get on top of all the thread when someone makes a new post. What do you think of all this? Agreed. I prefer the word "guidance". Yeah, definitely think that would add to the quality of the forums. It has a certain "guidance" in it. I like it. Agreed. Kind regards, Karisuto
  14. So I'm not the only one who sees the resemblance . It's weird but somehow it fits, especially the new "young Dante look". And about the sarcasm, I wasn't sure what you meant with your comment. If you found the resemblance so obvious or not. It's the smiley that made me doubt: