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wow... It IS possible!

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[If you would like not to waste time reading only text go there -> wow... It IS possible! [reupload]  to see images also... -_- sorry.. ]



There are many different views of the game and the DLC at this point. For me it is just pure enjoyment every time I start a new colony

Here is an experience with the DLC (as is in EA 444834 built)

Colony No. xxx: Galactic base

After normally landing (3-4 rovers building basics) and crash-landing successfully in 2nd planetoid (radioactive one) in two previous colonies/updates ...


Normally landing :

Colony: Moonbase, Cycle: ~120, Dupes: 12

*building with rovers and having fun with zombie/disappearing ones 


*After building the most "'necessary to survival" builds, sending a dupe

 Duress to impress is ~awesome~!




Colony: Beyond, Cycle: 93, Dupes:14

*probably it shouldn't be possible to land .. under land.. but oh well.. It was closer to oxygen :P


*Working in farts because... oops! I forgot I had flatulent dupes XD


Once picking Ellie (cycle 6), Marie didn't seem so bad (cycle 19), plus.. free natural gas! Anyways... 

22165629_C6printablesEllie.jpg.72a4d28e23d48296899e64b4662c5bd8.jpg  1799985103_C19printMarie.jpg.631afcc73bfb36ef7c3ce3fdfbd28ed0.jpg

*Building bare minimum, then leaving planet (~cycle 109)


..and after watching Brothgar attempt to land at another farther away planetoid (4th one?), I started a new save (last update made planet cluster closer/more compact I think).

It took a couple of cycles to stabilize the colony (200..) but it was time to search around a bit more 




*Lit workplace, science 20+, great hall, latrine and berry sludge


So... 4th planetoid IS livable (Brothgar proved it)

but ...

Is it possible to crash-land at ice planet, survive and return to tell the story?! 


Yes it is... A stressful 20 cycles watching a dupe smash stuff and angry jumping XD

Just to clarify.. I am no expert (never-built-a-sour gas/petroleum-boiler expert), I only watched too many tutorials and played too many hours trying not to die in ONI.

Once I watched Francis' attempt with rockets, I had in mind(like above) a better design of rocket interior that (probably..) wouldn't melt down a dupe, stressing them to 100%

(still reached 100% after a while though..  :-? )


Mess hall for a boost to moral and some resources stored in bins/fridge


Aaaand touch down...!


It didn't seem possible...


* Meet Nisbet. Stress response: Destructive


*In order to find refined metal to build the rocket platform, I dug up an active iron volcano and let it erupt. It seemed... safe in an ice cold planet. 


*+100% stress per cycle?!! Wha..? How?!!


*Soiled suit +40%?! What the...

Also... I think gasping for air while wearing a suit does not consume oxygen..?!

I thought it would be over many times and (it being a game) I'll have to roll back to a save and do the trip all over again...


*The end... the end is near



*soiled suit debuff doesn't go away unless you reequip and unequip it again, to make this +40% stress per cycle be gone

But ..

(I really don't know how! Luck? Chit chatting with Ari..?)

Nisbet managed to refuel the rocket and leave! (with company..) :D



*in order to refuel a rocket landed to another planet, you need to deconstruct and reconstruct the engine :o (lost 25Kg of CO2 T_T )


Thank you Klei! 


*If you made it to the end through all the spoilers... yay! Thank you!



Does anyone have any idea how glass is made?! What (sandstone..?) melted to what (sand..?) to make glass...?



* uncovering an iron volcano and leaving it unattended... Yup! Not such a good idea.. XD


**Save files of "Galactic base" in case anyone would want to play around/test your luck crash-landing (I did it once! Not again... In another colony with another dupe.. maybe.. XD )

(Spaced out DLC Early Access update 444834)


Just before crash-landing (ready to deploy trailblazer lander):

Galactic Base 243 ready deploy.sav


Ari is here! :

Galactic Base 256 printed Ari.sav


Ready to escape planet (Launch!) :


Galactic Base 261 escaping.sav


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