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Resource loss in the Alpha ?

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@JoeW please be so kind to move this in to the bug section- Cloud saving is corrupted. I will switch to local save game play, I don`t know if its possible to pull a cloud copy on to local, before switching or what will happen to my cloud saves now as I change to locally ? The two cloud versions in my Klei account are called "Spacerock Cyle 103.sav" and "Spacerock Cyle 102.sav", if you manage to suck them out of my Klei account, tha its what the below stuff is about.


Resource loss in the Alpha ?

Within 1 second all my pdirt vanished and nearly all compost recyclers where also stripped from it. Damn !

This is interesting I uploaded a screen which shows all pdirt recyclers stripped, except one, but some kind of cloud auto load shows the updated screenshot from me loading a save from before the "composter inversion switch"...and the screenshot showing the stripped pdirt compost heap has been auto removed from the forum post.

My resources got kind of inverted on the resource loss, I loaded a cycle before. This shows how it was correctly before, but because cloud saving is mixing my forum and game data with another player its screwed up and all my pdirt vanished.

I think I`ll better play the Alpha without cloud saving, it randomly corrupts data. Dear Klei, please keep the local saving option for the players in the game, that has always worked for me. The game is too complex to have random data erased in the cloud, I may not notice instantly what has been erased from all my resources.


I managed to load the cloud save where my compost resources got "inverted".


Cloud saving is corrupt,

editing this forum post adds attached save files and screenshots from another player and I have to delete all these other player screenshots when I edit this post.

I don`t know who this player is, but his forum stuff is mixed in to my forum post and I suspect that ingame resources are cloud save corrupted and/or taken form another players game database and mixed in to my games database entries.

Playing the Alpha and monitoring what might be cloud erased from my game resources i too tedious and no fun, I will play without cloud saves for now.

Another players stuff:


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