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  1. I have already downloaded and tested it, the destruction is treated as digging so you get back around 50% of the value of the door, the doors drop 8 chunks of 100kg. It is the same as when your rockets smash through bunker doors now. The simple answer is make sure they are open. Any destruction not due to melting or phase change has a mass penalty in this game and the last patch changed the doors from being damaged to being destroyed like the rockets used to do if launched from below closed doors or through scenery.
  2. Construction and Construction Supply comes under construction and supplying priority Operating and Operating Supply comes under Operating and supplying Priority Cooking and Storing food comes under Cooking and supplying priority Repair supply comes under Tidying and Supplying priority Research Supply comes under Research and Supplying Priority Critter feeders come under Storing Only (not ranching supply or supplying) so inevitably your critters are always starving as "Storing Priority" is not performed unless all other tasks are complete. Please for the love of God can you change it to come under ranching and supplying so it actually makes some sense and my critters can actually eat? It is highly annoying to have to setup automation for every critter food in early game just so you can get established or use priority !! everytime they are empty
  3. That is not a bug, they will eat until they are full of calories which is about 50,000 for a shove vole, they will not move until they hit their max calories. 1 full conveyor rail of regolith feeds about 6 shove voles. Have a watch of this to get a better understanding
  4. The doors melt when the rocket lands and they are closed (due to rocket engines), they used to just get damaged, now they melt and the Steel drops to the floor, usually hidden under a pile of regolith. Now instead of repairing, you have to rebuild them.
  5. I have been wondering for a while how random stuff gets stored in bins that were set to store only one single item, but this is the most bizarre incident of this type so far. My Solid Oxidiser tank is filled with: 8.8kg of Oxylite 949kg of Gold Amalgam# 30kg of lead. I mean, how does that even happen? Storage Bug.sav
  6. And meteors go through the bunker doors if they hit at just the right place!
  7. Attached is my save file, as you can see, my steam turbines are getting tuned up but all my other generators aren't. The only reason as far as I can tell is that you can set a priority on the steam turbines but not any other generator.
  8. Pretty sure this was a deliberate change they mentioned in the patch notes?
  9. Bizarrely it appears to have gone away, it was after the last hotfix. If it returns I will upload a save game as well.
  10. Since the last patch, selecting a dupe results in massive performance drop. I have attached 2 screenshots showing the difference, but the FPS drop doesn't even begin to describe how horrendous it really is, it is literally flick screen. You can see my CPU load on the 2nd core which seems to be the one ONI runs on is only at 16% so must be a bug in the code somewhere.
  11. Dupes only appear to take 40kg at a time from any pitcher pumps ie water to super computer, oil to liquid drop off. Bug or working as intended?
  12. Yes it works fine, it even sends the sound of any other sounds running in the background.
  13. An irony when they don't want you to be able to select things you don't have and then it selects them for you as soon as they appear.
  14. You haven't set your sound source correctly in steam remote play.