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Spaced Out = Colonialism?

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If you think about it, we are sending dupes out to these less asteroids to plunder their natural riches.

All infrastructures we built on these less asteroids only serves to extract wealth away from the colonies in order to feed the insatiable appetite of the mother asteroid's industries. 

We are even enslaving the natives (critters) to work for our benefits. We enslave pips as planters, sweetles and grubgrubs as farmhands, using shine bugs as glorified lamps, robbing the dreckos of their pride, their full body beards, to use as status symbols, force feed feeding hatches and slicksters so we can extract black gold from their asses.

Eventually, our empire will decline and the natives will surely fight for their independence. Once independent the former colonies will become failed states. This is due to the way we structured the colonies. Non of the natives have received any education nor been placed in any leadership role prior to independence.  Since the natives have ever only united in defiance of the colonizer, they lack a sense of unity. They will form factions along ethnic lines. They is will start a decades long civil war.

I'm putting my bets on shine bugs to win. 

We can probably peddles some weapons to them to gain money and influence. We have these death robots that we can sell them. To get around international law we shall name these to "Scout Rovers" and label them as "construction vehicles". We shall feign surprised when these  "construction vehicles" are inevitably turned into machines of war. 



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6 hours ago, Lbphero said:

heres hoping duplicants don't invent currency

In the early days of ONi - 1000 A.D. before the birth of the holy Stinky and the development of the SludgePress,

the tribe of the Sweetles ( living in some colonies ) started their plan to manipulate the tribe called "Dupes", with an sugar infiltration plan.

The Dupes fell for it as the first Sweetle offered a lick of the sweet stuff "Have a lick, its very sweet !" and then the Dupes got lick addicted and also started to use the Sucrose to fuel their candy rockets...Little did the Dupe Tribe know that the Sucrose, which the Dupes inhale as they fuel their rockets, contains a sugar-virus which has an sedating effect on the Dupe brain.

This sugarvirus is intended to tame the Dupes and think that the Sweetles only have good intentions.

The development of the Sweetles and the Dupes relationship will be revealed in the upcoming DLC...

"The rise of the Sweetles, Sucrose for Colony Domination".


Currency - It would be great to make paper sheets and to print money, stamping coins out of gold. That would be awesome ! Great for multiplayer Resource Xchange :biggrin-new:

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I find the hopefully missguided white world view of the poster horrible.


Colonialism is going somewhere and abusing native people, because you are white and anyone non-white is considered on the same level as ants.


So I'm really sad that all you got from colonialism is about resources.


Since ONI has no "native" people to harm, but the op apparently is more concerned about the "harm" to digging up iron, this has to be the wtf post of the year.

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I don`t think there is anything wrong with colonialism as long as we colonize uninhabitated space rocks. There are no aliens to enslave (for now at least) and the native critters will only benefit if we give them proper care (or we can just exterminate them). It`s all up to how you approach your space exploration. You might go a centralized apporach where all resources get strip mined and sent to one central hub or build each asteroid as a fully self sustainable colony.

I imagine we could get space trade in a future dlc. Differnet dupe colonies would trade resources for gold coins or some other type of currency. You could have trader and diplomat dupe jobs or even send dupes to friendly colonies so that they can learn unique traits. But that`s for the future. First we need to get some basic multi colony stuff to work.

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