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  1. Start experimenting with something as simple as the heart of design. You may have some failures at the start but after you learn from that you could do alternations until you make a working design of your own. You can get magma from the core if it is not frozen. Yes this is also a way of going around things. There are a lot of ways to approach things in oni. The first metal refinery I set up, I do not use the petroleum loop with the turbine, instead I just dump the heat into a water source. or better yet, if the map has normal oil biome I use the oil as a heat dump. I can make hundreds of tons of steel until the oil actually gets to very high temperatures. only when I create the boiler I destroy it and make a new metal refinery with a petroleum loop and a turbine to cool it off.
  2. I think we already have an answer for nonrenewable resources though and its space. Space as it is now, has very little to offer other then light and some rare materials. maybe tweaking the planets/destinations a bit (making glimmering planet a certainty, making all resources reachable through space) would be much more simple and direct answer, that kills two birds with one stone - 1. making space more useful 2. unattainable resources.
  3. I forgot there is even oil refinery in the game. it becomes a redundant building once you learn how to build boilers.
  4. [Game Update] - 390131

    always nice to see bug fixes and maintenance work. gj.
  5. 1, Glossy dreko ranching - smaller amounts, dupe time required, less energy/resources expensive (heat included) 2. Polymer press - large amounts, no dupe time required, more ersource expensive (big heat generation, power and petroleum)
  6. Rimworld?

    I tried to play it several times in the last couple of years but never got to the point it 'hooks' me. I may love the game in a certain circumstances (as there are a lot of games I did not like the first time I tried but I grew into them) but as for the few hours I put into it nothing 'clicked' for me. I did get the impression it is quite a different style then oni, as people say its a 'story-generator' while oni is 'puzzle-solver'. depending on the mood a person might like one over the other.
  7. good idea. I like it.
  8. make it demonstrable thats it. Why is there even a table with fake plastic fruits on it in a survival game
  9. Coal already is not desirable. making it worst could make it obsolete, as players will just skip it altogether, drag manual generators a little more until they get nat gas. The drawbacks to coal generators right now is they use a finite (or at least, hard to produce via hatches) source or energy and they create a lot of CO2, which is waste at the early game. In some cases you would want to have them to free dupe time, but at a certain point you would want to switch (or not). This makes a platora of meaningful choices for the player - when should he build it? how much generators could he sustain? could he deal with the pollution? How to deal with coal dwindling? idk... my point is that as it is the game handles this aspect pretty well, and maybe small twerks could be made but its doing its job well in that regard. Having a connection to real life is important but we need to remember the game also should have a certain level of balance.
  10. Nuclear Power Concept

    I like your ideas in general @caffeinated21, I have some doubts but for the most part your points are solid (btw, you played factorio didn't you?). However, there is one thing that kind of struck me - have you heard about the deep vs complex conversation? [as someone who shows some understanding in game design you most lucky have]. The thing is, introducing the radiation part to the game is quite a big of an addition ( = more complexity). It makes a lot of sense if there are multiple game systems involved with it ( = more depth) but not as much if its just evolved around one concept (which would be the nuclear reactor - which isn't even a core thing if you think about it). There would also be the (smaller) problem of adding UI cluster. Adding a new percentage % bar like the ones we have for stress and diseases would just add another thing to the screen. However this is very minor and could be handled, my main point is fear from adding complexity without depth. I am not saying this is a game breaking problem, and the game sure could function even with it as it is presented here, word for word. But maybe we can think of ways to go around it? (as to somehow avoid adding 'complexity' while adding the 'depth') - At my earlier playthroughs, I experienced a disaster in the form of aqua-turbines getting out of control. I have just learnt about the aquaturbine but wouldnt have a proper insulation in the area and also wouldn't have proper placements for atmo suits This led to a hilarious colony death by heat, as the cooling system kept cooling a cool steam vent and the turbine itself, while making the whole area extremely hot. sending dupes there would quickly send them back to the medical cats with severe wounds. Even after cutting the electricity cord it kept spreading heat up to the doors of the base itself. It was the most chernobyl-like expirience I had in ONI. This leads me to the question - can we somehow make a radiation-like system in the game based on what we currently have (which is heat, pressure and light)? what if we change how heat works? if we change how light work? I dont have any solutions, Im just trying to provide some things to think about.
  11. 1. You misread Bill Gates to Bill Clinton. The one who I value his idea is Gates. 2. well... if we take Wikipedia as any indication, it seems like the 1 death still stands. It written that more deaths were associated with the evacuation then with the radiation itself. As I understand - you say that there are more, 'covered', deaths from the accident? Its reasonable statement. maybe there are deaths from cancer in the area which where counted as 'netural'. But even so, its not a big enough change to be statistically significant (otherwise, analysts would have caught that up). 3. I read the article you provided. Thank you for sharing. It seems there is this scholar, Dr. Hayama, who studied the monkeys in the area since 2008, and found out their offsprings had smaller heads, bodies and were more prone to anemia. This is an interesting find, however it does not add a lot of new information (or connects to the point I was trying to cross), as humans know for a long time that radiation can have negative effects on living creatures. This is why the people were evacuated from the area. Like @yoakenashi said, it seems that we are talking about different things. I am not saying nuclear doesn't have its drawbacks. I agree with all your points, radiation is dangerous and harmful.
  12. I never take care packages, not as a way to make it harder. I just think care packages take a lot of the uniqueness of the map itself since you can get almost anything through them. Also makes space more worthwhile since you wont always have sleet wheat or wolframite. I also feel that both moral and disease are so insugnificent I like to crank them up a bit. With the default moral you could literally just have a national park outside your base and the basic roomsets (great hall, barracks and washroom) and never worry about it ever again. even taking useless skills for the dupes.
  13. Make new trait

    Good idea for a topic to discuss. hmm what about * Gravitas buildings are missing * aggressive critters during day time * misplaced gas pockets / random pockets of gas with random element and random amount. * clustered / big biomes - instead of several biomes of each type, there are huge biomes of each sort (if a nomral map has 4-5 biomes of swamp in several places, in a world with this trait there would be one swamp biome in the size of 4-5 regular ones) * paired gysters/vents. as for dupes: * vegeterian - can not eat meat / fish * gloomy - moral debuff * cold prone - has lower insulation. * ugly / pretty - decor bonus/debuff in the dupes surrounding * unorganized - has random Schedule, or one hour in a cycle gets a random work/sleep/bath/recreation.
  14. exactly cathulhu! I agree with you fully. Like, its understandable that early game systems would be more simple, but as we progress we want to be required to make more deep systems. Another example is the oil refinery - by its own, its not interesting (inputting crude, outputting gas/petro) *however* it was designed to be non-efficient so you would be driven to create a more complex and interesting system - the oil boiler. imo this is a good design, and I hope Klei will keep doing stuff of this sort as they add stuff.