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  1. sellouts. Feeling bad now about purchasing the ONI's DLC several weeks ago. it was deerclopse all along!
  2. The data base and info/UI is something I have been commenting about i think ever since I created the account here (you can check my history and see for yourself that I also noticed the points TheKilltech was mentioning). I was asking to tweak it for a long time before the DLC was announced. I agree with the thread opener on this. the data and in game info needs to be improved. And presentation needs to be improved as well. It is something that is related to 'polishing' rather then 'features' so I understand if it isn't the highest priority. But I just hope that it will get done *sometime*. I expected it to get fixed when the full game was out, and in the end it wasn't. Now I expect it to get fixed when the DLC will be finished.
  3. maybe make it so they need maintenance every once in a while? a little bit of glass or aluminum or else they get a bit worse every cycle?
  4. It regards my 2ed point. I know you can customize it. What I say is that the 'default' look is not very good. Just another example is that the starting chart mentions the asteroid you are currently on, but space is quite a long way to go so you wont need to think about it for long time. it is useless. Also for me the first time of 'breaching the surface' was kinda cool moment that I didnt expect. so this might be seen as a spoilery thing maybe. Just an easy fix would be not to present info that is unnecessary at the moment.
  5. 1. Like with the base game, there needs to be more dry info on the buildings, plants and critters. Having standardized way to express things (some things state they 'emite', others dont, some things are explained as in kg/sec others not at all or in kg/cycles). If we use the in game cyclopedia then we can know how much of something some building consume but then there is no hyperlink or anything to learn more about the consumed material. The info about critters suffers from this a lot (and unlike in many other games with poor cyclopedia, oni's wiki is kinda poor as well). maybe a little more explanation and some flavor on the entries (specially the critters and plants) could go a long way to make the game enjoyable for someone who is not-yet-invested. 2. There is a bombardment of useless info that is shoved to the face of the player. Its not very useful to know you have hundreds of tons of rock or few kilograms of phosphorus. I rarely use the whole cluster of info in the right side of the screen yet its something that gets highlighted a lot. At the same time I almost never know when Im out of a resource until I am. Its a combination of both too much info and too little. I am sorry that I am not very specific but thats what I can get without over analyzing it. I know you have bigger fish to fry currently (radiation, more space stuff), but those are things that are top priority and will be sorted out eventually. tldr - information presentation needs some tweaking. Disclaimer - Ok I had a bit of an impulse purchase and I bought the DLC without letting the fact its 'early access' sink in. I would have gotten the DLC eventually so I dont regret it much (would be a purchase I would have made anyway). Anyway I had a bit higher expectations and now I can see its quite incomplete game. Might use the best of it and at least give some feedback on the game? Mind you I dont play much so my notes might be regarding only things that are on the surface.
  6. only cosmetic. I use them to know which is the main job of every dupe (who is builder, who is rancher, who is the cook, etc).
  7. the only meltdown im having is a mental one. ba-dum-tsss /s but actually also for real *cries in the cornor*
  8. The base game itself is an ant view colony building game so... yea? -_-
  9. My desktop broke and I'll have to buy a new PC just to play oni again... Family not going to eat this month --- In a serious note - thanks for more content! Devs are awesome.