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  1. My desktop broke and I'll have to buy a new PC just to play oni again... Family not going to eat this month --- In a serious note - thanks for more content! Devs are awesome.
  2. I guess we will find out in oxygen not included 2.
  3. Will never happen for the same reason drugs/beer wont happen. Klei relays too much on PG appeal to do something like that. They aren't Tynan Sylvester or some other niche individual who can do whatever he wants.
  4. What makes you think drawing is what makes the game's preformece be so bad? My impression is that the heat and gas/liquid spread are what makes for most of the calculations.
  5. Not sure im ready for having a chyrnobil situation in every game now :P
  6. For me its a matter of period. I very frequently change and hop between games. I like Cities skylines but Im not in the mood for it. Apex legends and Doom I dont even dare to try since I'm pretty sure they will be unplayable for my pc. I am actually in the mood for ONI but last playthrough its just that every time I get few hours into the game it starts lagging hard. I prefer to leave it for now and come back once I have the hardware and then ill also have a new experience with the game when its actually functions. right now Im hopping between dont starve, dota 2 and crusader kings 2 (which had like 20 new DLCs since the last time I played so its definitely a new experience, forming big kingdoms is actually harder). oh and btw, congrats on the new laptop (; In my language you would say תתחדש but there is no direct translation to that. Its meant to congrate someone on new purchase.
  7. I feel like it is earlier, maybe once it is visible on the map... I used to see space quite a bit of time before actually briching it, but once I get to the point of brich and building stuff there it is already ~300 degrees celsius.
  8. Very cool! I do not play now since my computer doesn't preform well enough... Plan to come back once I upgrade (need it anyway for stuff like Civ6, crusader kings 3 and other games that going to come out in the next decade).
  9. I pick crystal maiden and Nami every time for them.
  10. I am away from computer rn so I cant print screen the design I made. I remember making something that seemed to work 100% for me. basically it was: [pipe containing contaminated water] -> [shutoff] -> [tank surrounded by chlorine]. with some clock automation around 1. The tank starts closed. will fill up to half. 2. once it is half-full. shutoff will prevent any more contaminated water get into the tank (or be in the pipe that connected to it). 3. water in tank sits in tank for amount of time. 4. once clean, tank will open up letting water flow. there is no gulp here. all the water in the (half full) tank is disinfected. 5. once (almost) empty, close the tank. This way the final bit of water (I think this is the 'glup' you describe) that gets into the exit/output position is not contaminated as well. Then you start from step 1 again. This is how I remember making it. I did not have contaminated water in the end. But then again memory is a faulty thing so I may be wrong.
  11. 1) Good point. A lot of games take insperation from the mods and I hope Klei isn't afraid of 'copying' good ideas from mods. I would also like to see easier mod support but that could be hard to implement. 2) I dont know. I play with 'printer packages' off so its irrelevant for me. 3) Good idea. Not just for the automation but a general "planning toolbar" could be a welcome addition imo. 4) Mixed feeling. I think there is a reference here to two boomerang suggestions. One is the addition of explosions/fire/pressure into the game which I think is great but its a huge leap and I dont think it can be done (some dreams are too big maybe). The second is changing the undistractable buildings to become distractable, which I think is a great idea. As stated in point 1 - there are already mods for this and it should be part of the vanilla package, the devs shouldn't be afraid to 'copy' this from the mods. 5) Good point 6) I saw "androids" suggested that could work and replace dupe operation in certain machines. I think this is kinda big change and maybe the devs experimented with that and found it faulty (maybe it makes the game less interesting or doesnt add much depth or what not). This idea doesn't interest me personally much like other ideas. 7) You can build a complex filter using the basic ones though... As I see it the devs created tools so players can create needed machines with. This is something I wont mind to remain as a mod. 8) again... idk. This point doesn't speak to me. 9) Like I said in point 7, you have the tools to make something that disinfects itself (like you mentioned with chlorine) I made designs that combat that myself so I am very confident that its possible to do. This can remain in the 'mod zone' in my book. 10) Good point. More customized priorities settings. 11-14) no opinion. 15) I could find it interesting but im not sure if it could be vanilla or should stay mod. Some people could find it annoying and un-welcome so I wont want to force it. Maybe make it something tag-able. 16) good point. 17) good point.