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Webber origin

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webber needs to get a rework in order to get a animation.

but dont worry, a lot of peaple are asking about his rework (me included), you are not alone

hopefuly devs will make his rework soon

edit: there is a post about recent updates by adam_webster, you should check the results


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I saw people asking for Webber ever since Wigfrig rework came.

So far Klei did rework characters based on who community deemed worthy. I don't count Warly, which for some reason was a refresh, even though he wasn't in DST.

I do have feeling that the farming update might have bumped Wickerbottom up in the rework queue. Who knows, maybe she even knocked out Webber.

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They're going to get animations when they get updated, but their origins are already known at least partially. WX-78 was created by Wagstaff probably to investigate the Constant and Webber is a child who was eaten by a spider. Webber's even got a hilarious title because of it, but people still think he's actually a spider for some reason.

1 hour ago, Wendy C. said:

People have been asking for a Webber rework since my rework came out. People have been begging for a Webber update for many months. 

People've been wanting a Webber rework since they said they were gonna start doing reworks.

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Not necessarily. From what i remember the biggest throw down regarding Webber being an upcoming reworked character was after Woodie, but Wendy cucked him out of the line. After Wendy, a lot of us expected him to be refreshed, but Wigfrid came out of nowhere and once again, poor Webber is still waiting. Either way i'm pretty sure he will be next.

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