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My Pokeshell Ranch

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4 hours ago, Soulwind said:

You are gonna have to explain this one to me.  You've got multiple conveyor chutes in strange places and a door contraption that doesn't seem to actually be used for anything. ?

Conveyor chute in the ranch drops polluted dirt, the one below drops pinch roe. The automation closes both doors when the pokeshell moves off the weight plate. This way eggs are immediately removed from the pokeshells' reach but fully grown pokeshels can make it to the ranch on their own.

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If you're looking for improvements, I suggest looking at the trapped Pokéshell in the door.

Or if you want to skip that, open the spoiler.



(That's about 20 Pokéshell, all happily trapped with their heads in the door. They don't attack, they don't leave, and the babies can't jump up or down. Can collect either from the side or above. They do still track room size and get cramped if the room's not big enough though.)

Obviously, this was designed for Wild Pokéshell, but you could do something similar with tamed ones, just put the door on a timer so they're set free at grooming time (and hope they all return to under door, I guess).


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32 minutes ago, Glassyfo said:

Can they still eat?

Yes. No problem.

I've been using a similar set up to @Yunru's above for a long time.

It's just a bit more advanced in that it has a critter drop off that control the pneumatic door on the left. If there's a pokeshell present the door opens, the pokeshells wanders on top of that and falls through the pneumatic door when it closes. Note that you need the tile on top of the door or the pokeshell will just stay on top of the door (until something triggers the door to open again at which point it does fall through). Roe and polluted dirt are shipped in via an ore chute (that the 100 pokeshells in that tile obscures completely). And molts are shipped out by the sweeper.


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