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Who put the dupe into cryo sleep?

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In Spaced Out, we can find and thaw a random dupe from cryosleep early in the game.  I think it's safe to assume our Printing Pod doesn't know anyhing about this dupe or how they got there.  So how did they get there?

The easiest and probably correct answer to this question is someone working at Gravitas did before Earth kerploded.  But the fun answer is there's another Printing Pod...nay, scores of Printing Pods out there creating their own colonies.  This means future DLCs could focus on discovering and interacting with these colonies, and it serves as a perfect hook if the developers ever change their minds about multiplayer.

If anyone finds a datalog entry on this frozen dupe or the unit they're found in, feel free to let me know.  It's possible I missed it.  It's also possible it will be added in due time.  Until then, speculate away!

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3 hours ago, goboking said:

Until then, speculate away!

Quite obviously this dupe is from another time-line and was sent back in a slap-dash attempt to save the world by itself. I mean, not even the auto-thaw on the pod worked! Obviously some dupes cobbled this together and in true dupe-fashion they managed to do the impossible thing (time travel), but completely messed up the easy things (timer on pod). 

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It`s possible that the asteroids are just different parts of the original Gravitas facility that got shattered in pieces along with the planet it was on. Or different facilites connected via warp tech that ended up pretty far from each other after the disaster.

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5 hours ago, Gurgel said:

Quite obviously this dupe is from another time-line

  • Fuel big rocket with LH2 + LOx in previous game
  • Go into Temporal Tear
  • Travel backwards / sideways through time / parallel dimension
  • Ship kerplodes
  • Take shelter in cryopod
  • Crashland in alternate asteroid timeline
  • Discovered by alternate dupes

It's your favourite pilots from previous playthroughs!

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