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[Game Update] - 442503

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed background music in the main menu.
  • Fixed Produce Scale becoming invisible when weighing some vegetables.
  • Fixed missing research strings for various fertilizers.
  • Fixed a crash from the Lord of The Fruit Flies spawn timer.
  • Fixed a crash when examining a plant’s happiness.
  • Fixed string formatting for viewing plant happiness.
  • Fixed a crash from loading in a harvestable Composting Bin under some circumstances.
  • Fixed Guano not being researchable.
  • Fixed the research action not working right for fertilizers sometimes.
  • Fixed certain Growth formulas not being researchable.
  • Spiny Blindweed no longer attacks wormwood
  • One-Man-Band will now tend to plants
  • Fixed not being able to research fertilizers in the world.

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Greatest developers of all time, I tell you. A triple A studio would have us wait a month or two for an enormous update that breaks more things that fixes. Klei is S tier. :wilson_love:


edit: Is Wormwood still broken? He seems to crash the game frequently when inspecting plants. Not sure if specific plants are causing the crash. :shock:

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Can you guy made it so the hole in the farm plot get in line, instead of hoe every hole, can you make it like you hoe the whole plot, and 9 hole show up nice and order (decrease a equal number of uses or even break the hoe is ok, as long as 9 holes is perfectly in line)

P/s: do we have a thread where we can post out suggestion?!

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