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Maxwell Update Idea

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As a Maxwell main, I really don't want to Klei make him a different character like they did in Woodie. He is pretty good for now but making him more interesting will make him more enjoyfull to play.


  • When maxwell use codex umbra, a shadow without item will be spawn. (Two nightmare fuel and 20 sanity restriction per shadow).
  • A shadow have 75 health and can live 3 days but can stay alive if feed by nightmare fuel.
  • All shadows can be customized differently
  • When maxwell click on a shadow, this screen will pop up:



  • H is for HELMET, A for the ARMOR and W for the WEAPON. Player could give any item to the shadows and they will consume the durability and give the effects for items like miner helmet, top hat, marble armor etc.
  • Axe will make shadow chop, pickaxe will make shadow mine, pitchwork and shovel will make player dig if they give turf/bush on that hand icon. They will only dig the turf and bush they putted on it. Also they will dig up graves automaticly same.
  • All hand weapons will have doubled durability on their hand but have %30 less productivity. A item that hit 100 will hit 70. An example from game, a spear that hits 34 will hit 24.
  • AI could be change with that heart and brain icon. If brain icon is shown off, shadow will kite like merms against creatures that are agro with player. If heart icon is shown off, shadows will tank. On the third click to this icon will change it to a flower icon. If flower icons shows up, shadow will be passive against to enemies. They will preffer run from them againist fight with them.
  • Choosing "Passive" will cause extra +0 sanity restriction, choosing "Kite" will cause +10 restriction and "tanking" will cause +5 restriction.
  • Using H, A tabs will cause +7 sanity restriction for per of them. All shadow items will cause +10 restriction, even on if it's on W tab. 
    For example a shadow with kiting ai and full shadow armor, an helmet and shadow sword will cause 57 sanity restriction. Yeah, that is it.
  • If a player put a item on that hand icon, shadow will collect that item until full his inventory. Shadows have 4 inventory tabs.
  • Shadows cant wear bags and all items they weared will look like a shadow silluet.
  • Shadows will drop all items they have when die.
  • Shadows can't kill other shadow creatures.
  • Shadows can't use ranged weapons, amulets or staffs.


  • Maxwell stats are same.
  • Maxwell gains a little sanity when near to shadows
  • Maxwell starts with 6 nightmare fuel and codex umbra
  • Maxell can craft tier 1 (Maybe tier 2 too) magic stuffs. C'mon klei, that's the point of him.
  • Maxwell can use codex umbra to make little magic shows. Those shows will increase near player's sanity but consume Maxwell's sanity -15 per show.
  • Maxwell will be attacked faster by Charlie. Darkness is a big problem for him now.
  • Maxwell's new emote is that "He is looking at codex umbra sadly, then putting it to his suit's jacket" :3


Please tell me what you think!

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15 hours ago, minespatch said:

I like the bar for Maxwell being black. It'd be his own flavor and it'd show how he's corrupt compared to Wilson who hasn't been as corrupted by the throne yet.

lmao what about rest of it? i mean i just recolored it black and it just looked cool. Didn't even realized throne stuffs XD

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It would be better if max can refuel shadow with nightmare fuel for them to live longer, it would be a pain to keep recraft them every 3 days and waste 1 inventory slot for book.
Max should not gain any sanity when near those shadow, his passive sanity already enough.

The amount of item shadow can carry should be nerf, or adjust, because craft 4 chester carry 16 stack slots + 4 helmet slot + 4 armor slot + 4 weapon slot is way way too op. Example, shadow can only carry one item at a time, stack up to 5 if stackable like grass and they will give that item to maxwell and repick that item, and only do picking task when hand is empty.

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