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Tackle and spectackler box can store different items.

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Tackle and spectackler box are pretty unique items that work to store all the fishing tools or that was what I thought, because I tried to put fish food into a spectrackler box and I couldn't. Now I know that this boxes only contain lures and floats, but with 15 slots I always have space for more things (Of course I can fill it with rot and twigs).

I think is a good idea that this boxes can contain fish food because you can use this for fishing or even shells because you obtain shells in the same place, and they are pretty difficult to transport because they don't stack.

It's a little change, but what do you think guys? There is another item that you like to store inside the tackler boxes?

1.JPG.11d00c9c27a40646a211e0839ea246a8.JPG2.JPG.4f93c7ff9ba5e048b670622d561a5f0e.JPG3.JPG.f45c272773b8bed2f6bf00e7604fc2c9.JPG4.JPG.0e6472c23e6df20196a3db3cc2f16a57.JPG5.JPG.661b67739ff362d0a635a3799246fd06.JPG6.JPG.77f83108a010f90d4a01d71bf8564e95.JPG7.JPG.91625c220f6f12ea497db6430d776b87.JPG8.JPG.99058ccf28b09df43921cfaf1635252d.JPG9.JPG.e5f2166108a724ed59490fb6deab6e36.JPGfood.JPG.396df8de315204537fd6bdece55cd743.JPG > into > tackler.JPG.1eea5a3f21693903d65a22764fe24825.JPGspect.JPG.3a55afcea2092993b425bc93f813970a.JPG

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