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Regarding Tradeable/Marketable Items

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So I noticed that some drops aren't tradeable/marketable and I was curious as to what exactly are the requirements for an item to be tradeable/marketable? Or even better if there is anything that could cause a drop to not be tradeable/marketable?

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Basically Klei didn't used to have an in game shop, I think it first appeared with the Forge. Before that pretty much everything was marketable but since then they added the spools system and now most new additions to the game are either purchased through the in-game shop or made from spools. It seems like Klei is trying to move away from the steam community market but there are a lot of items left over from that era that still drop. Maybe one day it will feel a bit more consistent but I don't know if they can detach themselves from the SCM completely without pissing off a lot of people, or if they even want that (funko skins being marketable and heirloom items imply that they don't intend to). So as a general rule anything added after the Forge (with a few exceptions) isn't marketable.

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