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  1. Hi Klei, I would like to suggest a new item for the mud spa: antihistamine! I've played through Hamlet a few times now, and I have struggled every time to get the required 24-29 nettle leaves before Lush season arrives so as to avoid suffering hay fever. I'd love for there to be a backup option available for less experienced players so they aren't constantly caught out in Lush season, and forced to lose all their sanity, lose all their items one by one, and get attacked by shadow creatures constantly, eventually leading to death. The recipe can be something that is impossible to craft in Hamlet world like antivenom so players are forced to buy it to keep it balanced, and it can be more expensive, ie 10 oincs, or it could be more costly to craft and require difficult to attain ingredients so there are more options for mid/late game to deal with hay fever other than nettle rolls. And since antihistamines have a chance to make you drowsy, that could be incorporated as well to keep it balanced, so there could be an initial 10% chance of getting the groggy effect, and the more times you take antihistamines in a row without implementing other options the likelihood goes up, resetting at the end of the season, and when you take another form of hay fever relief. Alternatively, as vitamin c has a natural antihistamine effect, perhaps that could be incorporated. Foods that are already in the game that are high in vitamin c are pumpkin, berries, bananas and watermelon as well as foliage if you think about it as a leafy green. Perhaps they could be eaten to get a SHORTER immunity to hay fever, say 60 seconds? Or maybe you have to combine them in the crockpot with ice for a "Green smoothie/Vitamin C smoothie" or something? "Take your vitamins!" for 200 seconds of immunity. And another recipe for foliage in the crockpot! Edit: since I can't let this idea go and spent way too long on this recolour, please find attached a nettle coloured vial of antihistamine. Look how good it looks! Doesn't it just look right?
  2. Seen diverse opinions about the new character update and having that as basing, here's an idea: -Only Winona’s Catapult, Spotlight, Generator & G.E.M.erator cost hunger. -Other things created with her don't suffer this penalty. With this, we avoid a "nerfing" for the catapults and the posibility of abuse him (aka create 20 or more catapults with no effort in few days), at the same time. We fix the constant issue of having hunger by crafting even the most simplest item (Ropes, Boards, etc). And finally, this allow a more friendly path to begginers player (who just want make a football helmet and a spear, for now) or experienced ones with not much interest of use exclusively a lot of catapults.
  3. Whaler

    Version 1.45


    Warning this mod uses some language and graphic quotes, if you do not approve then don't download. You play as the whaler from dishonored (after the events anyway) who's taking a chance to make as much gold as he can before his powers fade away forever. More lore here that's being overlooked and you really just want to just jump to his stats and abilities (jeeze I spent over a month working on this man). Supernatural Powers: +You have access to 8 different powers that give you the edge over your enemies and frankly your fellow players. ~Many powers require the Prestihatitator for the first tier of upgrades and the shadow manipulator for the second tier -Your powers run off of sanity, so once you reach below 100 sanity you can't use them anymore Assassin: -You start off with 100 hitpoints and won't last long in combat -HUGE DISADVANTAGE: You prefer to be lightweight and fast, thus you reject many armors, weapons, headwear, and statue parts to carry or wield. Limiting your choices severely! (Its recommended to be experienced in order to survive) The End: -You didn't get here by normal means, and the (dst) world knows that. Once you die the world will get rid of you and return you the character select screen without the whaler being an option. Your mission is a high reward and high risk afterall, you could restart the server and rollback but if you die a lot this disadvantage will get to you. (This disadvantage also makes death meaningful again). Stats: Health: 100 -> max 140 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 300 -> max 360 Notes: The mod will conflict with anything trying to tell health of mobs as the summoned assassin's aren't in their recorded lists. Strangely the game crashes upon closing it down but there's no error in the report, whether this is concerning is unknown as the game has no problems starting up and loading the character. it is recommended to add this mod for maximum use of all items: Updates: Unknown at this time. Refer to the discussions links below for more info: Will this mod be on don...*covers your mouth* Let me make it clear that I'm not going to waste my time on the single player due to the pushback on the stalker mod and quite frankly that game's player base is dwindling more and more. I could say more negative reasons but I'll hold back. Also checkout Mindmaster's mod: My other work: Special thanks once more to mr Saval for the artwork, mindmaster for ai experimentation, Arkane Studios for the character and music, and thanks from the musha mod that inspired some of the code.
  4. Darh's Mods Pack

    Version 1.3


    This is my tweaked mods pack. credits for their authors. no mod is mine, just balance them, fix, add content.... This pack includes: Default's item pack [<domyślny>] Additional Equipment (fixed, compatible with servers with caves) [Silentine] icepack can be open at the same time as the backpack include bunnyback and houndback from Additional Equipment DS [Silentine] Aditional Item Package (Need Many more ores) [smith3 -- MagVI] include Golden Minecart [smith3 -- MagVI] The Maxwell's Revenge (Many functions disabled but you can edit this for enable) [Don] include Light Spear [Inspector Dave](reworked) fixed year of PigKing incompatibility Steampunk [star -- Hast] Asparagus and Chocolate and Coffee[Keidence -- yuli] [Hast -- Kuloslav][Mert the Türk] Deluxe Cooking Pot [Astro -- Jankiwen] Domestication Fixed [Darcrov] Many more ores(include many mods) Moar Metals [RoG] [DST] [Cr3ePMan -- Globalastick] Tungsten Mod [ outseeker (au) -- Marqson-- Mr. Gentleman --Zarklord] Shadow Tools [FelixTheJudge -- Neu7ral] Expanded Shadow Armory [FelixTheJudge] Lunar Tools [FelixTheJudge] Marble Combat [FelixTheJudge] Felix's Explosive Bomb Pack [FelixTheJudge] Special Saddles [Ryuu -- pinkmollies] 77_Downvest [The77sim3] Mace [Mico] Spiked Mace [Mico] Blood bag [Pirate Joe -- Delicius] Booty Pack [^-,...,-^] (can be open as chest or equiped as backpack) Eelight DST [Globalastick] Lovely Chest (Fireproof) [RiverSwim] Madman's Fighting Pack [star -- Madman666] More armor [noerK -- VaneshKi] More Gold Tools(DST) [JustJasper] Moving Box [Jelly -- Peanut Butter] Notebook [KaiserKatze] Monster Hambat [kasra9400] Battle Horn [Tykvesh] Dining Table [宵征] DST Gesture wheel [rezecib] DST Minimap HUD [squeek] DST Always on status [rezecib -- &nbsp;Kiopho] Extra Equip Slots Increase Storage [Luis95R] koalefant beefstification [imperialistic dog] Simple economy [AppleMomo] Super Wall (Need Many more ores, and icludes New Walls - Reeds, Hedge, Mud, Living and Bone) [DYC] [JustJasper] Your Skeleton Respawn [Беккит]
  5. You currently get 4 random items each time you open a Playset. Playsets are obtained from trading in 120 100 (as of 267603) tickets in the Playsets Menu or from a Daily Gift drop. It is possible to get duplicates, but multiples are discarded in the current system and they, with the exception of stickers, (as of 299490) can be refunded (as of 284213) at a rate of 5 tickets per Common, 15 tickets per Collectable, 25 tickets per Uncirculated, and 100 tickets per Reward (as of 293415). The majority of items can be equipped to any unlocked character in the Toy Shelf. TOY SHELF GAT Package (Hazard, Jen Forcer, Lex Splorer, & Sue Nami) Added: Beta 261986 PLAYSETS Beta Series 1 Added: Beta 261986 / Updated: Beta 289988 The following is a list of all available toy shelf items from the Beta Series 1 Playset (sorted by category and rarity): HEAD (34 Items) Common Added: Beta 313922 Collectable Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 271672 Added: Beta 276243 Added: Beta 284213 Added: Beta 289988 Added: Beta 296969 Added: Beta 299490 Added: Beta 303042 Added: Beta 307286 Added: Beta 313922 Uncirculated Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 276243 / Updated: Beta 289988 Added: Beta 286010 Added: Beta 303042 Added: Beta 324130 *New* Autographed Added: Beta 286010 - Awarded to winners of Community Competitions Event Added: Beta 288065 - Collect 50 pumpkins (100 total) on both the School and Wholesale maps (only obtainable between October 3rd, 2018 and November 7th, 2018) Added: Beta 299490 - Temporarily owned during the Christmas Season (only equippable between December 12th, 2018 and January 11th, 2019) BACK (51 Items) Common Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 261986 / Updated: Beta 289988 Added: Beta 271672 Added: Beta 303042 Added: Beta 324130 *New* Collectable Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 276243 Added: Beta 276243 / Updated: Beta 282864 Added: Beta 284213 Added: Beta 296969 Added: Beta 299490 Added: Beta 313922 Uncirculated Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 276243 Added: Beta 286010 Added: Beta 288065 Added: Beta 289988 Added: Beta 299490 Added: Beta 303042 Added: Beta 313922 Autographed Added: Beta 286010 - Awarded to custom map makers that get featured in the Community Spotlight Reward (Character Specific) Added: Beta 299490 - Collect and bring 30 presents to the Christmas tree or Checkout Scanner (60 total) on both the School and Wholesale maps (only obtainable between December 12th, 2018 and January 11th, 2019) TRINKETS (41 Items) Common Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 261986 / Updated: Beta 291179 Added: Beta 271672 Added: Beta 276243 Added: Beta 289988 Added: Beta 299490 Collectable Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 271672 Added: Beta 271672 / Updated: Beta 299490 Added: Beta 276243 Added: Beta 286010 Added: Beta 288065 Added: Beta 299490 Added: Beta 303042 Added: Beta 307286 Added: Beta 313922 Added: Beta 324130 *New* Uncirculated Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 276243 Added: Beta 284213 Added: Beta 296969 Added: Beta 303042 Added: Beta 313922 EMOTES (12 Items) Common (Default) Added: Beta 261986 Collectable (Character Specific) Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 276243 EFFECTS (8 Items) Reward Added: Beta 271672 - Collect 60 Cards in the Lava World (Blue) and Overworld (Orange) of the Wholesale map Added: Beta 271672 / Updated: Beta 291179 - Collect 60 Cards in the Lava World (Blue) and Overworld (Orange) of the School map Added: Beta 293415 - Collect 30 50 (as of Beta 308183) Cards in the Lava World (Blue) and Overworld (Orange) of the Playground map Added: Beta 293415 - Trade-In a complete set of School's Out Set-01 (Blue) and Grossglobes Set-01 (Orange) stickers STICKERS (75 Items) Common (Default-Character Specific) Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 261986 / Updated: Beta 267603 Common Added: Beta 261986 Added: Beta 276243 Collectable Added: Beta 271672 Uncirculated (Character Specific) Added: Beta 276243 Reward Added: Beta 271672 - Complete Pogo Trial, Pogo Trial 2, and Pogo Trial 3 on the School map Added: Beta 274225 - Complete Pogo Trial on the Master Class map Added: Beta 276243 - Complete Pogo Trial 1, Pogo Trial 2, and Pogo Trial 3 on the Wholesale map Added: Beta 279012 - Complete Tiny Toy Trial on the School and Wholesale maps Added: Beta 280324 - Complete Tiny Toy Trial on the Master Class map Added: Beta 281298 - Complete Buddy Mode for each of the 6 courses on the School map Added: Beta 282864 - Complete Buddy Mode for each of the 6 courses on the Wholesale map Added: Beta 293415 - Complete Pogo Trial 2 on the Playground map Added: Beta 303042 - Complete Tiny Toy Trial 2 on the Playground map Added: Beta 313922 - Complete Pogo Trial and Tiny Toy Trial on the Playground and Gym Class map Moreover, there are additional toy shelf assets in the game files that aren't currently in use. These are listed below, but note that they may or may not get added to the game in the future. UNRELEASED TOY SHELF UNRELEASED ITEMS REMOVED ITEMS CHANGE LOG
  6. Version 3.20


    Warning this mod uses strong language (bad words) and use of "alcohol", if you do not approve of this don't download and the saying goes "Get out of here stalker!". If not " I said come in don't stand there!". This mod was mainly made for dst since some the mechanics was made for dst by putting some challenge into cooperation. This mod contains twenty-four playable stalkers that come from different factions: Loners, Duty, Freedom, clearsky, bandits, military, mercenary, ecologist and Monolith.Most of which contain a suit that is REPAIRABLE by GOLD NUGGETS. You can start off as the new recruit for your choosen faction, or become the dreadnought of the faction known as the exoskeleton or just play as your favorite suit. Read on about each factions advantages and disadvantages and decide which faction you feel comfortable to play as. Loner: Zone experience: +90% negative sanity drain Prey: -You're commonly targeted by the military and bandits and lose sanity being next to them Duty: Military Trained: +75% negative sanity drain +75% night sanity drain Anti-freedom: -Your rival Freedom drains your sanity at a good rate being next to each other due to different ideology and your war with them. Anti-Mutant: -Your code is to protect the world from the mutants that threaten the outside world, making you uneasy in cooperating with pigmen, bunnymen, and the pig king as they drain your sanity (even if you befriend them!) +Fighting mutants is your speciality so you get 10% extra damage against pigmen, bunnymen, giants, and other monsters. Freedom: Zone Trained: +80% negative sanity drain Light Exoskeleton: +10% faster movement than all the other factions -10% faster hunger rate Anarchist: -You fight for free access to the zone and conflict with the military and duty because of this. You lose sanity being next to military and duty. Monolith: Decayed mind: +0% negative sanity drain -100 max sanity making nights your main concern +Ignore food spoilage and monster meat penalty Spider Allies: +Your mind is partially connected to the Noosphere thus being able to connect with spiders to fight with you ~You are also neutral to merms unless you provoke them Bad reputation: -Due to your stories told by stalkers about hostilility to all factions and your code to fight to the death, all nearby players will lose a lot of sanity being near you. This makes cooperation difficult without driving them mad. -Your tagged as a monster, making catcoons, pigmen, and bunnymen target you for your reputation. Military: Military Trained: +75% negative sanity drain +75% night sanity drain Corrupt: -You've attacked stalkers that tried to enter the zone, you're peers low morale gives you a bad reputation amongst the stalkers and thus most stalkers lose sanity being near you. On the bright side your previous dealing with duty has earned you neutrality towards them, after all most of their equipment comes from you. Clearsky: Zone experience: +90% negative sanity drain Prey: -You're commonly targeted by the military and bandits and lose sanity being next to them CS2: +Your unique suit was well designed and does the following: reduces building costs by 50%, 65% damage protection, medium rain protection and insulation that changes in the summers like the seva suits, 50% fire protection, and small sanity recovery. Bandits: Robber: -You rob everyone in the zone regardless of faction. You'll lose sanity to most factions. Working in the black market and underground world earns you neutrality towards the mercenaries Bandit jacket/suit: ~Your jacket inherits 25% damage protection and a small amount of winter insulation. The suit how ever gives 30% damage protection and stacks with armor you wear over it. Ecologist: Scientist: -You're a thinker not a fighter, -20% damage and larger sanity pool. +No radiation damage, you've had your fair share of artifact handling and research to find out how to by pass the radiation. Ssp suit: +Just like a seva suit but with nightvision and 50% building cost reduction Good reputation: +You're neutral to most stalkers making it easy to cooperate with them. +You can recruit most neutral stalkers besides clearsky companions. -Monolith and bandit faction are your only enemies Mercenaries: Military training: +75% negative and night sanity drain, your exmilitary after all. Unpredictable: -Military and duty consider you a threat to their operations and drain your sanity being next to you Killer: +gain sanity through killing enemies, the larger the kill the more sanity restored. -lose sanity from: getting hit and miss hitting your target. NOTE: Your suits can be destroyed and isn't replaceable thus keep your suits repaired at all times! Do you have no friends loner? Then download the stalker loner edition today you AI buddies will follow you indefinitely and help out with combat, get out of sticky situations and follow you down in to the caves. The weapons and ammo is now available to purchase in the shop tab while standing next to the alchemy machine just know guns aren't cheap, same goes for the ammo. Updates: just bug fixes and such. Refer to the discussion threads for more info about the mod. With all perks laid out will you cooperate with your rivals? Even though you'll be driving each other insane! Or will your ideologies and differences get the best of you? You can configure this mod at the beginning to disable any of the factions you don't want available in your game and keep the ones you do want. Will this mod be made for don't starve? Go check out the port it should work for the most part. The Meaning of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Scavenger.Trespasser.Adventurer.Loner.Killer.Explorer.Robber Exoskeleton character guide: Weapons guide: AI guide: SEVA and SSP guide: Artifacts guide: Character expansion 3 guide: Character expansion 4 guide: Sunrise suit guide: Consumables guide: HOW TO DOWNLOAD DST VERSION: Download stalker1 and stalker2 (same goes for loneredition(1-2)) and extract both of them. Place the anim file (from stalker2) into the stalker folder (from stalker1) and your set. Special thanks to a Dragon wolf leo for the repairable armour and more, sw1tchbl4de once again for the artwork, Mindmaster for ai experimentation, youtuber ZoranAustralia(For Užičko Kolo video) for the bandit voice, and GSC game world for the character and their music that was used for their voices.
  7. Version 0.31


    Hi, Original Mod Page: I upload this here because some people will see more easy to Download... Better Version:
  8. To me, the natural next step after mastering normal sandbox mode is adventure mode.What I don't understand is why you'd ever want to use the Things [in Sandbox mode] to go to the next world. Won't you get the exact same thing, only easier? Therefore less interesting?Please enlighten me.
  9. Tweaking yes!I think the most important balancing thing we can add is maybe marginally decreasing returns to eating the same food over and over.Example, you eat Cooked or Regular carrots exclusively and eventually it reaches the point where the carrots do not give you anything at all in terms of hunger replenishment. This has an invisible counter that slowly returns the food back to its original power only after a long period of time where the character does not eat it. This makes it so players cannot: - Horde one food, Morsels or Monster meat and Candy.- Make players eat variety regularly meaning more food could possibly spoil and require better management.- Causes the food spoilage mechanic to actually affect the players more dynamically.I imagine early game players are eating Carrots, Berries and Morsels in rotation. Once those has run out of its marginal benefit, players will have to shift towards crock pot recipes, farm plots for different foods and rotate between those varieties OR just be forced to go out and stock up way more.This makes space more precious, makes the player have more things to do and puts the starve back in DONT STARVE!
  10. So I was thinking that since they added winter and a winter based enemies why not do all of the seasons and enemies for each. Why not take the scare crow idea and have them as things you can build and as enemies during fall. And perhaps a random spawn Halloween based monster. Even having wild growing pumpkins and pumpkin patches show up. Each pumpkin could have a chance of becoming some sort of plant based monster with a pumpkin for its head. Maybe the lower your sanity the more likely they are to spawn. A shadow or something could be seen flowing into it right before it rises up to attack. And during the spring there could b more bunnies and the king of the bunnymen could come out of a large wormhole or something of the sort.
  11. I was thinking of a few ideas and I just thought I would mention them in case,- How about a comet? It could be a rare event and when it lands you could hear a loud thump regardless of how far away you are. It could explode on impact and yield 5 - 15 rocks and some rare items(?)- This one might not be so good but what about having multiple games at a time? I'm not so sure about it myself but I can see the pros and cons in it, I have had family members wanting to play but they would kill me in under a day and I do like testing stuff out, but to be fairly honest I can live without this.- Rivers? You could having them for fishing and maybe as water jugs for the crock pot or something? It could put out accidental fires?Thanks for reading
  12. Natural Disasters!!!!

    Earthquakes! Damages structures such as pig houses, nests, farm plots, rocks, trees. Hurricanes/Typhoons! Destroys plants/crops. Tornadoes! Uproots anything in its path. Can even lift up beefalos lols. Tsunami! Destroys coastal bases. Hail storms! Player has to constantly add fuel to their fire or they freeze to death. Makes everything crazy exciting!!!
  13. How about adding a footware slot to the inventory and having shoes that serve different purposes: Shoe Idea 1: shoes make you faster but scare animals like birds and rabbits from further away Shoe Idea 2: shoes make you slightly slower but make you inaudible or harder to detect by rabbits, birds and monster. (good for roaming late at night and hunting) Shoe Idea 3: Armor shoes. an alternative source or armor to the logsuit and football helmet. (would complement a mining helmet and backpack combo)
  14. Note: This would fit in with the crypt and wraith idea i had (the records would come out of the broken crypt)
  15. hey guys just trying to reach an audience that will like my videos so here! there that's better now you guys can watch my video
  16. This topic will presumably raise some concerns and heated arguments, but lets try to keep it civil shall we? I'd like to raise a question against the current strategy of kiting and it's role in this game. Personally I can understand why kiting is a legitimate tactic, because it's using some dodging, timing, and dedication. I however thing that kiting makes the game flat out easy, you can kite almost everything and avoid being in any real danger. The only time when monsters are actually challenging is when they attack in a large group thus making kiting a bit more chaotic and hectic, like say a large Hound attack. Every monster is currently nullified by the kiting tactic thus they are no threat, so I'd like to see some changes in the current monsters attack pattern ( adding some random elements to attack ) or another solution that makes kiting less viable ( though not useless ), i.e as an effect of random attack patterns, kiters will have a harder time dodging, though not impossible. Adding monsters that functions as anti-kiters like for example an ranged monster, that is relativly fast in it's attack animation ( not attack speed but the projectile ) making it necessary to close in fast and kill them rather than running around. This would need a bit of refining but I think my point is clear by this time. The Jumping Spiders is currently a good candidate for this, hopefully we will get a bit more of these. Lastly I myself is an abusive kiter, it's easy, it yields large quantities of food for little to no cost ( except durability of weapons ) making kiting an extremely rewarding ( so rewarding it makes surviving to easy ). So people, discuss! Do you think we need to do something about kiting? Is it fine the way it is? Ect ect...
  17. This item picks up every loose item in an area around your character and puts it into you inventory and degrades when used. Expensive to craft e.g 10 gold 2 rope and loses 10% durability after every use. This will solve the items out of bounds problem, will help gathering resources and if you happen to die in the middle of a spider infested area, it will no longer be impossible to recover your dropped items. Worn the same as the other amulet so you cant wear a log suit while trying to use the amulet. Any thoughts?
  18. I trade all my 7x dota 2 keys and 1x Smite beta key for 1x Don't Starve. Dota 2 items are on sale to get a Don't Starve so please make me an offer if you are interested in some stuff. (Because all my items cost more than one single dont starve) Steam account: Steam inventory: *dota 2 beta keys are NOT redemable in CHINA
  19. I know the fuel length time varies widely between updates, but I've been thinking. If any tree only yields 1 charcoal, and the largest trees yield 3 logs, what is better for fire? Are 3 logs better than one charcoal? Along with the fact that the biggest trees also yield 2 pine cones, for further fuel farming later. I have a chest full of logs, but I've been saving them for logsuits, and instead doing controlled farm burns for charcoal. Then again the largest trees take a hefty toll on your tools (the wiki, which I'm not sure is up to date, says 15 swings), where burnt trees for charcoal take 1 swing. As it stands in the current update, 2 charcoal will last you the whole night, but you won't be getting much of anything done. For log users, how many does it take to get through the night (starting only when night does, not dusk, and only fueling when the fire is about to die to ensure minimum requirements)? If someone has the spare time to dedicate to this query for science, I'd appreciate it. (I'd do it myself but I'm not near my gaming PC)
  20. Halfing

    Somehow, an issue I've encountered is my game has started halfing every item in my inventory when I try to swap it. I'd like to know if this is intentional and I just toggled something wrong or if this is an actual issue and as such needs to be fixed. I was playing as Willow, if it's maybe just a character bug, I've not had this with Wilson yet.
  21. I have steam tradeable versions of Limbo Sonic Generations Costume quest I am looking for a steam copy of Don't Starve
  22. I've noticed that in Don't Starve that flint is nonrenewable and can become scarce if you are on one game for a long time. I think we should prevent the terrible problem it would cause if you end up like me and cannot make tools because you cannot find flint on your world that you have so much progress on. To prevent this I believe that bone tools need to be added. So that almost every animal drops bones. Beefalo = 10 Rabbit = 4 Bird = 2 Bird Thing = 10 Hound = 7 and think of numbers for other creatures I haven't listed because I haven't encountered them yet. I think that the blue prints should be: Bone Axe = 2 Bones 1 Twig - Bone Pickaxe = 4 Bones 1 Twig - Bone Shovel - 3 Bones 1 Twig - Bone Spear = 4 Bones 1 Rope 1 Twig I am not completely sure of the accuracy of these blueprints. I believe that they might need some tweaking before they enter the game. I also think that there should be a new weapon added. The blueprint would be: 3 Bones 1 Rope. This would make a Bone Mace. This would have the effectivity of a spear. I also think that another weapon should be added aswell. The blueprint is: 2 Bones 2 Rope. This would make a Bone Flail. I also have an idea for Bone Armor. This would require 20 Bones and 3 Rope. This would be twice the durability of the logsuit and the same damage resistance. These bone items should have less durability as the original items. (excluding the armor) I am just brainstorming here. i understand if these aren't added. I hope nonetheless that they will be added. If these ideas are added would be amazed that my idea made a difference.