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The Characters' Voices

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This thread is made to list the characters' voices, for the ones who don't know. Do correct me if happen to be wrong.

Wilson - Harmon Muted Trumpet 

Willow - Flute

Wolfgang - Tuba

Wendy - Alto Flute

WX-78 - Crazy Possessed Synthesizer

Wickerbottom - Oboa

Woodie - Chello

Wes - Dog Whistle (nothing)

Maxwell - Harmonium

Wigfrid - Heavily Processed Brass Horns

Webber - Synthesizer dropped down a flight of stairs (maybe)

Winona - Tubulum

Warly - Steel Drums

Wortox - Violin

Wormwood - Didgeridoo 

Wurt - Sawtooth Tone and Gargling sounds

Walter - Bugle or Blade of Grass

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15 minutes ago, DaZoul said:

Walter - Otamatone(?)

Closest info i've heard about his voice is that it's either a Bugle or something called the Blade of Grass whistle, but i'm not entirely sure. I think Otamatone sounds far different than Walter, that instrument  comes off a bit less squeaky and in lower tone to me.

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12 minutes ago, bruhmoment23 said:

something called the Blade of Grass whistle,

It's an old trick of holding a blade of grass between your fingers and blowing. I can do it and it makes a fairly similar sound to Walter's voice. The fact that this quote exists:

suggests that is mostl likely the case.

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