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Hey Grifters!

Mostly stability, today. We're almost there!

Keep on griftin' on!


  • fix for spawning twin bosses like a normal boss (so that both show up)
  • fix casting crash when casting Mark_nine_nine in the marriage quest.
  • fix typo crash in smith's story
  • Fix bodyguard casting, stage entrances for Theroux showdown.
  • Smooth over first quest turn-in with Denikus. (remove duplicate "receive bonus shills" narration bubble)
  • Added BOSS_FIGHT flag to Smith's day 1 boss fight
  • Added a new condition for mark_ninenine.lua to round out its combat behaviour
  • Added death loot for mark_ninenine.lua
  • Removed Denikus from experiment_smith_twins.lua (he also doesn't help in the actual story)


  • Fix Piece of the Pie sometimes not being received.
  • Batter Up is now restrained
  • Update Lumin Kunai, Twisted Figurine, Domain, to count from the cards_played list instead of managing their own count. This ensures they work if the card is dynamically added to your hand.
  • Underdriver: Fix crash if no cards were previously played.
  • Reworked Wild Rant
  • Fix Brain Spur triggering for npc intents.
  • evasion new effect wip, fixed bruts smash following dust, and idle sparks on humanoid


  • Hooked up Smith's battle tutorial
  • Fixing the bounding box of the Compendium filter, so their position doesn't change based on the ones that are focused (scaled)
  • Track references to cards_played in both negotiation and battle, rather than just the total number.

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