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A couple of server filters options needed

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  • Caves: On, Off.

Even if you can search "caves" with the search bar, it's a world feature quite important. I personally never join a world without caves and I like to see an option for filter out worlds without them.

  • World settings: Default/None, Few (5-), Lots (6+). 

I don't like checking all the list of world settings to be sure the host didn't disable bosses, spiders or treeguards, so I'd like to filter out worlds with too many not-standard wolrd setting. I dont like to join a "madness" world when I want to play a "vanilla" one.


Right now you can manually check or workaround to find a server you like, but I think they should be integrated. 
These filters might be for "advanced players", but I feel like they are fundamental and a good QOL addition.

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I would like to have options to host worlds with caves or without caves on Xbox as well actually (you can’t turn them off at all on Xbox) I wouldn’t mind having an option to turn “Off” the surface world and have a server that is purely Caves Only as well..

Edit- I mean there a florid Postern spawning points down inside caves... what purpose do they even server if they weren’t intended for Caves Only choices?

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