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Confirmation of my theory of 2 portals

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Before reading the confirmation of theory, please read the original theory 


With new beta test for Don't Starve Together comes new evidence for my lunar Island portal theory.

First, as I said, we have to solve puzzles built on the extraction of rare resources

Secondly, parts of the portal really now need to be built yourself in a lunar island 

Thirdly, the altar that is a drop of crab king and the altar scattered on the moon island are indeed part of the portal

Fourthly, does these signal tape remind you of anything? Exactly the same tape was on the portal in the caves in beta versions. We have not seen this tape anywhere else.

Here is a screenshot from the game where you can see the details better.00-39-30-downloadfile.thumb.jpg.1f24980cd0029b1fb5986dd77dbc55f1.jpg

I myself, alone was able to collect it.  The only problem is to find suitable holes on the island that form a triangle

I'm sure you know how to assemble it, but just in case, I'll tell you that you need to collect 3 altars and place them on the holes in a triangle.  The first altar is divided into 3 parts that you must get on the lunar island.  The second drops from the king of crabs if one of the crystals on it was pearls.  The third altar consists of 2 parts, closed underground, you have to find and pick them up by "Astral Detector".  The recipe for which you can get by solving the riddle in the Ancient Archive.  

I haven't studied the character quotes yet, but if I find something interesting, I'll tell you about it here.

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17 hours ago, Zeklo said:

The Lunar Altars/Mysterious Energy are not the Lunar Portal. That exists seperately in the Archive.

I suppose they could be related, but that would be nothing more than an assumption as of now.

Yea, when examined, Wortox says this about the Sealed Portal: "I won't tell the mortals this is here. It'll just get their poor hopes up" note, that this is the quote for when power is off in the Archives. When power is on, he'll say somtg like "My, someone really didn't want this portal open". That means, that the Sealed Portal is a way home (or at least Wortox believes so) 

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Could this new portal basically send you to another day 1 world, with all the knowledge and items you carry? In the style of DS when you collected all the teleportato pieces, basically regenerating the world but with the players retaining their stuff.

Another more interesting option I can think of is, that by going all the way to get this new portal, and if all players agree on using it (maybe touching at the same time), it sends everyone to another world that is actually harder in all senses: isolated by large water gaps, infested by sharks and shadow creatures, with nightmare and lunar cycles everywhere, and with more enemies and less food available. There could even be more stages, each time you repeat the process you land in an even more hellish land.

It could also be thematical, like adventure mode was. EG: One world is water hazard and sailing based, another is lights out and nightmare creatures based, another is lunar based with mutated enemies, etc. Honestly they could keep adding new world types in future updates with no end, even modders could make their own challenge worlds.

So instead of new forge styled events we get new theme based, harder worldgens which you can access optionally.

It could be the optional late game challenge many people expects.

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