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Its time for an update and News...

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On 9/16/2020 at 12:33 AM, JoeW said:

Outside of posts like the recent roadmap update we don't post images, videos and community spotlight type about upcoming content and features until we're pretty close to being ready to roll stuff out and give solid useful information that is meaningful to players. We're a little over 2 months since the roadmap was posted, so we aren't quite ready to post more information yet. 

Maybe it wasn't clear enough in the roadmap but the team is working on a substantial DLC that's needs some time to complete. This is more than any of the previous updates you have seen in the past, so it's going to more time. The roadmap says "We're going to get the DLC into your rubber-gloved-hands some time this year. The fallout from Covid19 has really altered our estimates and shifted our priorities, so we're not going to make a more specific promise than that."

If there was something new that means something has changed, we will let you know. But that also means when we do say something about it - it's going to matter and it's going to be worth paying attention to. 

I hope that clears things up. 




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On 9/16/2020 at 4:10 PM, JoeW said:

I don't want to come off too defensive here, but I do feel like it's important that you are aware that all of our game teams are working every single day on exactly what we said we are. Every day each team has multiple zoom meetings and work as hard as they can to get the content that we promised to you according to the roadmap. 

Maybe it's because we don't often come out and say this explicitly, but as I said last night, we don't spend a lot of time on hyping the community. It's our intention that the game, the content and the players enjoyment of that content will help attract more players and satisfy those that are already playing. In addition to that, not making explicit early promises about the content allows the development team the room they need to make important decisions throughout design. In addition, time spent documenting and presenting early information about upcoming DLC takes time from that development, more time before it can release.

That being said. A choice was made a while back. Continual small updates like DST (which helps players not get bored) or a big, meaty DLC that is substantial and worth the wait. For Oxygen Not Included we thought players would want something more substantial and not small continual updates because taking the time to put together something larger means more complex and different systems that couldn't be done in small bits. 

If we get to the end of this DLC release and we find that it was not worth the time spent away from more frequent and smaller content updates, we will certainly reflect on that and adjust. But for now please rest assured that the team is working as hard as they can to get this out to you and the moment we can share more details with you, we will. 




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Apologies, I meant the concept of using free speech as a blunt "I can say whatever I want, however I want" instrument. 


Such as starting a third thread on a subject within the same page and then claiming free speech as a defence. 

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Who pulls out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to defend their making of post on a video game forum?

Besides that, Free Speech is usually about governments. Its not a violation of free speech if someone tells you to be quiet.

But that's just a Theory.... a GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching!

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