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Do you want a caves update?

Do you want a caves update?  

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  1. 1. Do you want new content in caves?

    • Yes, of course.
    • I don't care, I'm here just to see the poll.

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Hyxaru    23

I'd argue the caves need to be kept moon-free. The moon's light doesn't reach over there. Here, is where shadow magic is dominant.

You know what would be epic perhaps? In Don't Starve (Together), the entire world is two dimensional. Say Klei would be able to technically accomplish it, what if the caves had 3 or so world layers stacked on top of eachother? They would all run on the same caves server. The total amount of terrain and entities between all layers would be tweaked so that performance wise the total size of the world doesn't increase (much).

When on the top layer, you would be able to see the layer underneath rendered and zoomed out. At a few places, additional staircases lead downwards to the next layer, functioning like wormholes. Maybe for the first layer, staircases are present. For the second, tentapillars might be the only connection. Add an additional layer exclusively for the ruins perhaps, and one ever deeper that contains the atrium.

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