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How to deal with carbon steam vent ?

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Insulated room, metal tiles on top, water on top, steam turbine above. Kills the heat, when the CO² reaches >125°C.

Steel automated door, that opens to another chamber only when the CO² raches <130°C (it will never really reach <125°C) and then you can pump it out with a steel pump. From there you can still pipe it through some machine to cool it further. Or a water bassin, or, or, or...

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I'm currently on a map with 2 CO2 vents. I'm dealing with them in 2 different ways.

1. "Direct" harvesting into a skimmer/sieve combo

Walled it with insulated ceramic tile. Made the ventilated/mesh tile combo on top to be able to build the skimmers on top. I used petro as the sealing liquid. This is powered by a wood burner in a secondary room which also offgases directly into the vent room. Battery and burner are cooled by 2 worts which is overkill but do the job - I could extend the cooling loop to the sieve and skimmers eventually.

The petro in the mesh tiles never gets too hot. It's cooled by the wood that is shipped in for the burner.

I think the mesh tiles are bugged anyway because I'm not seeing too much of a heat transmission on to the skimmers.

Remember to leave some CO2 inside so it doesn't become a vacuum, skimmers are connected to an atmo sensor that only triggers when pressure is above 1kg. This way there is no overheat risk for the battery and wood burner.


2. "Piped steam cooling"

Walled the vent and I'm using a bypass pump to vacuum the CO2 to another room that's "cooled" by a gas pipe that's filled with steam. This pipe actually loops through a steam room with turbines on top. I'm not doing much with the 200º-ish gas at the moment so I'm pumping it into the oil biome... Still it's CO2, my map's oil biome is kinda permanently at 90º C

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3 minutes ago, Cipupec2 said:

How does that work?

Airflow tile goes under mesh tile... Then fill the mesh tile with liquid... The airflow tile will block liquids and the liquid in the mesh blocks gases so it's a horizontal liquid lock...
I used petroleum in this case because it's a CO2 vent.

Airflow tile and mesh tile are "transparent" to the range the skimmers work in so they'll consume the CO2 inside the airflow tile..



A single skimmer would be more than enough, the vent is not active all of the time. I've decided to only ever pump CO2 if the build doesn't let me use skimmers... These things obliterate CO2 and have better vacuuming force than a gas pump.




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If you need "hot" CO2 for slicksters you can either cool a vent like the #2 screenshot or better yet, make it... Never try to heat CO2. That's a lost cause.

Any building that produces CO2 will do so at set temperatures so keeping the building "cool" at least at 90ºC is better... molten slicksters are pretty happy with 95ºC "food". I sort of have a ranch and haven't seen them going back to regular slicksters... I think a little hotter would be better... but it works. I just "wild ranch" them for the meat and the petro is just a happy byproduct...

A single petroleum generator would make far more CO2 than a vent, keep it under 119C and you're set.


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Just now, Cipupec2 said:

skimmer range was so high

It's the same shape as the deodorizer with its center at the glass ball with water, so the skimmers only draw co2 from 1 airflow tile each. Btw, the lumber that is shipped in is the main cooling solution for the petroleum and the hardware outside the co2 box. The whole setup is powered by the 1 wood burner, glad it helps.

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@Denisetwin  I'm going nuts trying to use all the "landmarks"


  • 1 minor volcano
  • 1 leaky oil fissure

2 of the following:

  • CO2 vents
  • NatGas vents
  • Cool steam vents
  • Chlorine vents
  • Copper volcanoes
  • Salt water geysers

3 of the following:

  • oil wells
  • Hydrogen vents
  • AETNs
  • neural vacillators

Absurd amounts of slime biomes followed by ice biomes, there are other biomes of course.. So I guess it's survivable.

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