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  1. When low on RAM memory the system start to rely more on the much slower hard-drives, as you say this is most notice able when task switching (for example to browser) but this also impact hard-drive performance (IO, cache) by underlying system elements working in the background (particularly when using non SSD on cluttered system with split pagefile - which isn't the case here) but can effect save time which is the prime concern of the OP here. Also some programs does fun stuff during save time that can increase memory foot print .. loop to above.
  2. That is not accurate. Your system can and will use hardrive pagefile to supplement for lack of physical memory, which would result in massive performance hit. OP, SSD of the same type of storage interface can vary widely in performance, I had a SSD on laptop from which I replaced few years later with a more mature product and performance sky rocketed
  3. Steam turbine operates at +120c. Most radiator cooling loops work at lower temp, so using a radiator on the steam turbine side do nothing (at best or heat it up at worst), instead you use aquatuner that shed heat regardless of the environment. Metal refinery can sustain a much higher temp, upwards of ~ 275c, so you don't need a power hungry aqutuner and can make use of a simple radiator loop and have the steam turbine use the heat. But you do need a liquid that can sustain such heat without evaporating.
  4. Either my math is really bad or this tooltip text is wrong:
  5. That might be it. I have used it to get rid of gravitas ladders and move couple of cosmetic items. Speaking off it would be nice if they allow to deconstruct silly magic ladders, add more cosmetic items, and add some color coded layer for materials. I was planing to use mods for that but those warning about breaking your save and last tested version got me scared.
  6. Neither can I, noticed this happening only couple of times with courier jobs, but I wasnt paying attention to that, hence why I am posting here.
  7. Has anyone noticed a bug with job assignment where you can assign dups to jobs you don't have the prerequisites for e.g. gofer and courier EDIT:
  8. Not sure where to post this, I don't think it warnts a new thread, but WTF? Since when we have combat?! And where is the detective job, because there is no one at the crime scene..
  9. make sense, though I kinda hoped there would be pump that would allow to push gas/liquids directly into a pipe.