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  1. are you serious? at 1300+ circle with 3x speed, I can hardly got 10+ fps
  2. yeah Performance update I hope so too at least 30+fps over 1000+ cycles at 3x speed
  3. the first question, I think you may consider handling Hydrogen with Hydrogen generator (this is worthy as it was buffed ), even 500C is a pretty high temperature, but generate power with gas heat is not good method, due to the pathetic mess of it The second question, you should check if all three doors were closed, then you opened the middle door, this was a vacuum, or you should check the material layer if there was gas in the middle dorr
  4. I want to generate a small size of the map, I know default size was 256 * 384, so I want a generate a map with 128 * 192 (Both was halved), unfortunately, It was failed and tell me something went wrong, so how can I generate a smaller map or the minimum size of a map
  6. [Game Update] - 299241

    maybe we should configure all work priority individually?
  7. Can you add more query condition for this tool, such as geyser less than or not exist
  8. [Game Update] - 298192

    Yeah, we need PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZE!!!!
  9. [Game Update] - 296878

    Same as my situation, actually you can`t find gas types on your right resources panel @Ipsquiggle
  10. I think to improve qol will make the game more interesting but improve performance will impact whether it is playable. thanks for all your efforts.
  11. What!? MULTITHREADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hello, Cairath, can you make a mod modify isolute recipes, consume More abyslite, and the left less, from now I can do nothing with absylite, it's boring
  13. my astronaut came back from space and all his attribute is zero
  14. Job list makes you lag

    Same here
  15. I have 11 dupes and far more food table then dupes but my dupe take food from food box and direct eat it without go to food table