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QoL Request : Allowing Wortox to see other's health

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20 hours ago, KeshS said:
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I hope I don't need to put a disclaimer, after all this is all satire.


Alright KeshS' joke reminded me my old forgotten post:


I posted this even before Wortox releases :hurt:

As August QoL update is coming, I think showing other players' health in vanilla game would be extremely useful QoL tweak.

Some people may say "Heal others if they request". But since Wortox's release, I've hardly seen people do so.

Most of the gameplay, People won't expect receiving health from Wortox. They just eat pierogies or use tent.

Sometimes Wortox can't give heal to requesting people because of lack of soul.

Moreover, health point changes frequently while combat, and it's too bothersome to request for soul healing while intense fight.

Healing ability is passive, inefficient and imperfect without seeing other's health.

Giving healer seeing other's health doesn't sound a bad idea.

If giving Wortox this ability is unfair, then how about a functional item to see health?

Even now, a vast amount of soul is being wasted...

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What Laknish was trying to say in a previous post. I want him to do the Forge without him or any of the teams seeing the health bars, and see how well they perform by just spamming heal in chat. As a healer this is the most useful info in the game. 

Would be useful to know the optimal healing of teamates, as you can over-heal or under-heal.

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On 8/13/2020 at 8:14 PM, ArubaroBeefalo said:

To fit into the game mechanics i suggested that characters will have scratches and scars when low health like you can notice that someone is insane via his face or cold or hot because of his moves

Whatever methods that allows players identify other's health, please.

I won't refuse.

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